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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Bottle Up Your Emotions

When you expertise one thing upsetting, do you have a tendency to carry in your emotions and attempt to cover them? Do you try and bottle up your feelings in favor of performing such as you’re high-quality, even whenever you’re positively not?

This type of conduct could be very dangerous to you, and it may possibly make your life worse. There are higher methods to go about coping with difficult emotions than by repressing them. Here are 3 causes it’s best to by no means bottle up your feelings and methods to precise your self as an alternative of maintaining all of it inside!

Why You Should Never Bottle Up Your Emotions

Keep this recommendation in thoughts.

1. Repressing Emotions Makes Them Stronger

A refusal to just accept the adverse feelings that you just really feel can really trigger them to change into extra overwhelming. When you repress these dangerous emotions, you’re not eliminating them – simply storing them additional again in your head as they build and build unaddressed. They will come again to chew you later, or they could begin bogging you down immediately!

Studies have lengthy discovered that expressing adverse feelings could end in a extra positive mental state. To reduce the impact of our worst feelings, voicing them openly and honestly (in the right situations, of course) can help reduce their severity and promote recovery from those feelings.

In terms of repressed emotions, the resulting strength increase in them can also cause:

· Increased Anxiety

The stress from the buildup of emotions may begin to take a toll on your stress levels, causing you to feel more anxious and uneasy.

· Mental Exhaustion

Dealing with overwhelming emotions that you don’t even realize are still affecting you can slowly but surely take a toll on your every move.

· Worsened Negativity

Whenever you experience a new bad emotion, you might feel them in a much more intense manner.

· Difficulty With Positive Thinking

Repressing emotions may cause that negativity to overwhelm you, leading to trouble being happy even in good times.

2. It Can Isolate You

People often worry that being open about emotions will cause others to dislike them. In reality, they should be worrying about it the other way around.

Even though people can’t read your mind, most have enough emotional intelligence and insightful empathy to subconsciously pick up negative emotions. People naturally, without thinking about it, move away from these kinds of “auras.”

Here are some specific ways that bottled-up emotions can isolate you:

· You Cut Yourself Off

Most people naturally start to cut people off – whether directly or indirectly – when they’re bottling up their feelings. You may think, “no one cares about me anyway,” and your behavior will let these thoughts seep through, leaving you lonely.

· You Lash Out

Bottling up emotions causes them to grow stronger, as we’ve already established. But you don’t know that, so you’ll act totally fine and normal until something triggers the release of those emotions. Then you’ll experience sudden outbursts over small issues, hurting those around you.

· You Are Uncomfortable Around People Who Are Struggling

Every human being experiences negative emotions, but when you’re bottling yours up, seeing other people healthily exhibit negative signs can make you nervous. You might even judge them, thinking that showing negative emotion is embarrassing.

· You Can Seem Two-Faced

Those who bottle up their emotions typically behave very differently by themselves than with others. While most wouldn’t notice this, those who catch on to these changes may view you as dishonest or not be trusted.

Being honest about your emotions can help make relationships stronger, not weaken them. Telling someone honestly and positively about how you feel can help rectify problems and grant them more insight into your moods and behavior.

3. Your Health Can Suffer

Emotional repression affects so much more than just your mental state and ability to maintain positive thinking or relationships. It can even genuinely take a toll in your bodily well being, and this has been studied and recorded for a very long time. Here are some methods bottling issues up would possibly take a toll in your wellbeing:

· Digestive Trouble

You’re extra more likely to expertise intestine points for those who spend numerous time coping with adverse feelings, particularly in the event that they contain stress, nervousness, and different related issues.

· Unhealthy Weight Gain

The bottling up of emotion is commonly linked to poorer meals and snacking decisions, contributing to unhealthy types of weight achieve.

· Headaches

Regular complications with none underlying health-related trigger can typically be traced again to emotional issues, together with the prospect you’ll bottle up your feelings.

· Decreased Lifespan

Due to the well being points brought on by bottled up feelings, many individuals who repress their emotions expertise a shorter lifespan total.

· Cancer Risk

More research are nonetheless wanted to substantiate this, nevertheless it’s value noting that some proof signifies that emotional repression could worsen the danger of most cancers growth.

· Bad Coping Mechanisms

To address the bottle-up emotions, you’ll have to flip to some strategies that might not be the perfect in your well being. This could embrace smoking, ingesting, consuming junk meals, unsafe promiscuity, and substance abuse.

Ways To Express Yourself

Use these strategies to precise your self. Don’t bottle up your emotions.

1. Write

The act of writing down your feelings sounds quite simple, and but few folks notice simply how a lot it may possibly assist them! Journaling, specifically, has been proven in a number of research to have massively positive results on overall mental and even physical health.

Writing can be therapeutic because no one is reading your words, so you’re free to say whatever you like. No one can judge you, and you don’t have to worry about sparing the feelings of others while carefully curating your words. So the next time you need to express yourself, try writing! Here are some tips for the most effective self-expression:

  • Don’t try to stick to logical writing only; express your emotions as honestly as you feel them, even if it sounds childish or unreasonable to you and even if they’re unorganized.
  • Elaborate on emotions; don’t just say something that made you feel sad. Elaborate on the situation and why it hurt you so much
  • Don’t overthink your works. Just write what flows and don’t hold back.
  • Optionally, you can reread your writing with a clearer head later to reflect on your emotions and how to do better or avoid future similar situations.
  • If you decide to keep a regular journal, do not pressure yourself to write long passages every day.

2. Name Your Emotions

Sometimes the easiest way to express how you feel is to name those emotions! It sounds deceptively simple, but it can work wonders for your positive thinking. As has already been mentioned, repressing feelings is horrible in your well being and might make these emotions worse.

By naming what you’re feeling, you might be actively acknowledging your feelings, permitting them to be confronted and resolved. It’s really not simply an effective way to begin being trustworthy with your self, nevertheless it additionally helps make these feelings disappear healthily and naturally. Here are some suggestions for doing this successfully!

  • Don’t be too generic; get particular about what you’re feeling as an alternative of simply saying, “I feel bad.”
  • Don’t be afraid to dig a little bit deeper; you’re feeling offended, however the place is it coming from and why?
  • Talking to your self in an try and work via your feelings and identify them precisely will not be shameful or embarrassing; use that approach if it helps you!

You can follow naming feelings quietly in your head so you’ll be able to proceed this method in public areas, however do remember that it might not be as efficient!

3. Engage In Hobbies

Negative emotional power can weigh closely on you. It’s a good suggestion to seek out and interact in hobbies and actions to assist expel and specific that power. Here are some examples of issues you are able to do to precise your self healthily:

  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Making artwork
  • Volunteering
  • Hanging out with pals
  • Singing
  • Gardening
  • Playing with pets

Allow your self to really feel your feelings and channel them into these actions. Not solely do the actions themselves function nice distractions, however you’ll even be sharpening expertise and utilizing your free time and adverse feelings positively and productively.

If all else fails, know that additionally it is okay to take a break for some time. It’s high-quality to have to be alone and inactive along with your feelings. Just hold it beneath a time restrict, and don’t wallow for days on finish!

4. Talk It Out

Talking to somebody who you belief about your feelings is an effective way to precise your self. Through listening, others can give you significant social contact, mild validation of your feelings, and, if requested, exterior views and recommendation.

It’s helpful, to start with, to have another person wanting in in your scenario from a extra rational perspective. But even for those who’re solely seeking to vent and to not obtain recommendation, typically it’s simply good to really feel listened to. Here are some suggestions for speaking about it healthily and positively:

  • It’s a good suggestion to let the individual you’re speaking to know your intentions first; would you like recommendation or simply emotional assist?
  • Make certain you’ll be able to really belief the individual that you’re chatting with; they need to have the ability to hold secrets and techniques, chorus from being judgmental, and by no means use what you say towards you sooner or later.
  • Don’t be offended if somebody you want to discuss to will not be in the precise psychological house to hearken to venting, provide assist, or present recommendation; emotional boundaries are essential, and never everybody can present what you search!

Don’t have anybody shut in your life that you just really feel snug speaking to? Try dialing a assist hotline or scheduling an appointment with a therapist, counselor, or related psychological well being skilled. While it could really feel awkward at first, speaking to professionals is a superb strategy to specific your self as they’re skilled to hearken to you most successfully and supply help in secure and confirmed manners.

Final Thoughts On Why You Should Never Bottle Up Your Emotions And Ways To Express Yourself

Emotions could be tough to handle, however that doesn’t imply that they need to be hidden. By studying to precise your self and your emotions healthily, you’ll have the ability to deal with your adverse experiences with out bottling up your feelings.

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