Alliance releases policy framework on EV battery recycling

“This transformation is well underway but requires a significant ramp up of EV battery manufacturing,” John Bozzella, CEO of the alliance, mentioned in an announcement. “How do we keep the flow of battery components moving and available in a way that is not just sustainable but creates jobs and lessens our collective reliance on foreign minerals?”

Bozzella continued: “That’s the purpose of our new policy framework. Anticipating the coming challenges and supply chain demands, the auto industry came together with a policy framework under which manufacturers, suppliers and policymakers would reuse, repurpose and recycle EV batteries and put in place the conditions for a comprehensive approach to realize a net-zero carbon transportation future.”

Specifically, the policy framework assigns duty for EVs which might be nonetheless in service and the battery is inside guarantee, for EVs which might be nonetheless in service and the battery is outdoors of guarantee, and for EVs which have reached their finish of life.

The framework additionally requires obligatory “safety net” laws and regulation, akin to requiring automakers to be accountable in the course of the lithium ion battery guarantee interval for transferring end-of-life EV batteries to a professional facility to be refurbished, repurposed or recycled.

The alliance additionally suggests making use of penalties to accountable events if they don’t observe steps outlined within the framework for correctly reusing, repurposing or recycling the batteries.

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