Uptick in bike sales complements scooter rentals

Scooter-sharing and bike-sharing can coexist with private possession, mentioned Sam Sadle, senior director of presidency relations for North America at shared-mobility supplier Lime.

“There was a worry initially that when you launch bike-share, it would take away from bike sales,” Sadle mentioned. “But what it’s actually done is gotten more people into riding bikes to get around. Same thing with this. Launching scooter-share has actually brought more people to use scooters as a method of getting around, which has gotten more people comfortable with the method, which means they’re willing to use more scooters.

“They are sometimes used for various functions, however the functions are overlapping.”

Scooter-share company Bird has dipped its toe in both waters lately and now rents and sells its scooters.

Bird began sales of the $599 Bird Air scooter in September. The company declined to provide sales data to Automotive News but said in a statement that “retail performs an essential function in the way forward for micromobility.”

Lime’s Sadle said the company is focused on its current strategy and is not pursuing sales of its devices as a revenue stream.

“We’re actually centered on being the shared mobility platform for rides underneath 5 miles,” he said.

A spokeswoman for Lyft, which offers both bike- and scooter-share, said in a statement to Automotive News that “shared bikes and scooters can present an alternate type of transportation for folk who do not personal a automotive or bike.”


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