Bride stops wedding over dress: ‘A terrible mistake’

Here comes the bride – lacking half her dress.

A bride all of a sudden halted her wedding earlier than saying her vows after realizing she forgot to placed on half of her robe.

In a now-viral TikTok video with 28.5 million views, Becky Jefferies is seen on the altar together with her husband earlier than pausing the nuptials.

“Me in the middle of my wedding ceremony realizing I’d made a terrible mistake,” reads the textual content on the clip.

“Um, pause for a moment,” she says because the officiator asks them to share their vows. “I just realized when I got up to the end of the aisle that I’m missing half of my dress. Maybe I could put it on now?”

The friends giggle and cheer her on as she waits for somebody to fetch the massive, billowing skirt and practice. Meanwhile, she revealed that a number of nights earlier she “had a dream” that she did this precise factor.

“I’m sure you guys have never been to a wedding like this before,” she joked on the altar as she long-established the skirt round her waist. “Now I’m almost dressed.”

Bride stops wedding
She requested to pause the ceremony in order that she might connect the remainder of her skirt.
TikTok / @jetsetbecks

Viewers on TikTok discovered the second hilarious and applauded the bride for her confidence.

“I LOVE that she didn’t apologize. It’s her day and she confidently took control of the moment,” wrote one individual within the feedback.

bride stops wedding
People rushed to seize her skirt and practice earlier than fastening it round her waist.
TikTok / @jetsetbecks

“She is so sweet and not a drama queen at all, she handled the situation very well,” chimed in one other.

“I would’ve walked down the aisle again,” joked another person. “Just restart everything.”

bride stops wedding
She resumed the wedding to say her vows after retrieving the lacking skirt.
TikTok / @jetsetbecks

Meanwhile, others thought she was second-guessing her resolution to wed her then-finance because of the deceptive caption.

“For a second I thought she wouldn’t say yes,” stated one bewildered viewer.

“You can see the groom visibly sighing of relief,” commented one other.

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