‘Death of offender’: How Chicago police ‘cleared’ a triple murder after the suspects were dead

CHICAGO — As deadly shootings spiked in Chicago over the final decade, Chicago Police detectives solved extra of these instances — “clearing” them, in cop parlance.

In 2021, when the metropolis logged greater than 800 murders, CPD detectives cleared 346 instances, a 160% improve from 2012 when the division reported 133 clearances.

Yet whereas the CPD considers extra murders “cleared,” police division knowledge present that a rising share of these killings are carried out by individuals who themselves die earlier than felony costs will be introduced.

Between April 2012 and April 2022, CPD detectives cleared 2,292 murder instances, based on knowledge obtained by WGN Investigates. Nearly 10% of these — 222 instances — were deemed cleared by way of “death of offender.”

One such killing occurred on a sunny Friday morning in late September 2017 when a 33-year-old man and 20-year-old lady were fatally shot as they were in a automobile parked in a vacant lot on the Far South Side.

The lady, Charnella Lemon, was 8-months pregnant. She was shot 4 occasions — twice in the chest, as soon as in the stomach and once more in the hand. Doctors at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn were in a position to ship her baby by way of c-section, however the child, Jenae Lemon, died 4 days later.

The man, Terrence Carter, was shot as soon as at the base of his neckline. The Cook County health worker’s office dominated every demise a murder and, after the new child’s demise, the CPD logged the capturing as a triple murder.

At four-days-old, Jenae is one of Chicago’s youngest murder victims in the final decade, based on knowledge from the health worker’s office.

Carter’s and Lemon’s households couldn’t be reached for this story.

Initially, the CPD told the Chicago Sun-Times that the two were ambushed by an assailant as they sat in the automobile. Yet inside three weeks, CPD detectives thought-about the case “cleared” after they decided that Carter and Lemon shot and killed one another with Lemon’s .25 caliber pistol — the similar gun used to murder one other man in south suburban Dolton three months prior.


On the morning of the triple murder, a close by resident was taking out the trash when he heard a collection of pops. The man later informed police that “he thought that it was unusual to be hearing fire crackers that early in the morning.” He walked outdoors and shortly heard a lady yell, “Help, help me, somebody!”

The neighbor seemed down his alley and noticed a lady, bare from the waist down, mendacity on the floor close to a utility pole, about 10 ft away from a purple Kia wagon. The man went again inside his dwelling and referred to as 911.

Responding officers and paramedics quickly arrived and took Lemon to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. Carter, additionally bare from the waist down and sporting a condom, was pronounced dead in the Kia’s driver’s seat. An unspecified quantity of money was discovered strewn about the entrance of the automobile.

Two .25 caliber pistols were recovered in the backseat, one in the driver’s facet door pocket and the different on the passenger’s facet floorboard. That gun, a Beretta, had a spherical in the chamber however an empty journal. The different gun, a Lorcin L25, had a spherical in the chamber, too, however was with out a journal. Amid the blood splatter, an proof technician collected six .25 caliber shell casings inside the Kia.

Detectives quickly made contact with a man romantically linked to Lemon. He informed them Lemon was pregnant along with his baby and that the two “had an open relationship, and that he was aware that she was a prostitute,” based on a copy of the detectives’ case file obtained by WGN Investigates by the Freedom of Information Act.

The man informed detectives that, for the final two years, Lemon labored in Roseland. She was assaulted in the previous, so she carried a pistol for her personal safety. After Lemon didn’t return dwelling, he tried to file a lacking individual report at the CPD’s Calumet District station, however an officer there stated to file the report in south suburban Dolton, the place he and Lemon lived.

At Christ Medical Center, Lemon’s mom informed detectives that “she is aware Lemon would solicit herself in the streets, for money, and that she had been doing that for the last two years,” including that “Lemon would frequently carry a small handgun for protection when she would date men,” based on CPD data.

Police finally discovered Lemon’s automobile at 105th and Wabash, lower than a mile from the place the capturing occurred.


Chicago police detectives will “clear” a murder in a single of 3 ways.

Most clearances lead to felony costs introduced in opposition to a suspect. However, if these costs are later dropped or the suspect is discovered not responsible at trial, the CPD will nonetheless think about it a cleared case.  

Another “cleared” designation is “death of offender.” That means the one who the CPD believes to have dedicated the murder died earlier than costs were introduced. Often, these uncharged suspects are murder victims, too. 

The third “cleared” class is “bar to prosecution.” That means prosecutors were introduced proof collected by police, however they didn’t imagine there was sufficient to safe a conviction. Even if prosecutors decline to carry costs, the murder continues to be thought-about “cleared” by CPD. 

Between April 1, 2012 and April 20, 2022, Chicago recorded 6,044 murders, based on publicly accessible metropolis knowledge. In that point, the CPD opened 5,771 murder investigations as incidents with multiple sufferer — double, triple and quadruple murders — are nonetheless labeled as a single case.

(Not each murder that happens in Chicago is investigated by the CPD. For instance, deadly shootings that happen on Chicago expressways are investigated by the Illinois State Police.)

In that 10-year span, Chicago police detectives cleared 2,292 murder instances, based on the knowledge obtained by WGN Investigates. Of these cleared instances, simply over two-thirds — 1,548 — resulted in felony costs introduced in opposition to a suspect. Another 222 instances — practically were cleared by way of “death to offender.” 

But prosecutors didn’t assume there was sufficient proof to safe a conviction in the different 524 murder instances that the CPD says it solved in the final 10 years — 22% of all clearances in that time-frame. 

(In two situations, the CPD stated a case was cleared each by “death to offender” and “bar to prosecution.”)


Carter typically patronized intercourse staff, his brother informed police. After his launch from jail on a theft conviction, “Carter would frequently give prostitutes money for sex, and he would often pull into alleys and vacant lots to have sex in the car,” a detective wrote. Carter not too long ago purchased a .25 caliber pistol, too, his brother informed police. But the gun was unreliable and “that it would only fire sporadically.”

Less than two weeks after the capturing, the CPD’s Forensic Firearms Lab decided that every of the six shell casings discovered inside the Kia were fired from the similar gun — “The said firearm is believed to belong to Lemon,” a detective wrote.

CPD data point out the triple murder was deemed “cleared” by way of “death of offender” on Oct. 17, 2017, about three weeks after the capturing occurred.

“The Reporting Detective’s investigation has revealed that both Terrence Carter and Charnella Lemon were the only occupants in the vehicle wherein this crime occurred,” CPD Detective Donovan Jackson wrote. “This was confirmed by eyewitness accounts and physical evidence obtained at the scene. While in the vehicle an altercation occurred which led to both Terrance [sic] Carter and Charnella Lemon engaging in an exchange of gunfire which caused the death of Terrance [sic] Carter, Charnella Lemon and Lemon’s unborn child, Jenae Lemon.”


In mid-December 2017, Jackson acquired a name from Eric Price, a detective in the Dolton Police Department. Price — now a commander — was investigating a murder in the south suburb that occurred about six months earlier. The sufferer in that case, 39-year-old Ronald Muhammad, was regarded as with a feminine intercourse employee simply earlier than he was fatally shot in a automobile.

Price believed that “the victim may have contacted the female prostitute on Facebook prior to his death,” police data present. “Price related that he later found out through his investigation that the prostitute’s name was Lemon, Charnella J.”

Price informed WGN Investigates that he used cellphone data to hyperlink Lemon to the Dolton murder. In talking with Chicago police, Price famous that a .25 caliber shell casing was discovered at the crime scene. Further, “he determined the motive in his case to be a Robbery and documented it as such.”

Jackson requested the Illinois State Police to check the bullet casings recovered at each scenes. In January 2018, the outcomes got here again: “The expended shell casings recovered from both scenes, in Chicago and Dolton, were fired from the same firearm.”

Speaking with WGN Investigates, Price stated Dolton police think about the Muhammad murder case to be closed. He added that Lemon was not suspected in some other acts of violence in the south suburb.

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