3 Industries that would collapse without fintech

The development of the fintech industry notably changed the world. During the coronavirus pandemic, this field even surged at the highest level and shows no signs of slowing down. Fintech is the future – everyone knows that and with time its importance will only grow.

Fintech is adopted in various fields and companies always try to come up with original ideas, to be more effective. Nowadays it is very hard to think of any industry without fintech integration. There are the ones, which would simply not exist without fintech and in this article we will talk about 3 such industries.

Forex industry

Forex trading has already gained a lot of popularity in the financial industry. People are willing to learn more about it, reading various literature and watching videos. Trading is very difficult which requires a lot of effort and talent.

Forex trading would be nothing without its trading platforms. Could you imagine a trading world for a single moment where MetaTrader 4 and 5 do not exist? It should be noted Metatrader 4 Forex brokers and their value cannot be described in these words – their benefits to traders are visible. Charts, pricing everything that these platforms offer to traders are invaluable. So fintech in this field is essential.

Banking services

Using modern technologies, banks expand the range of services offered, develop non-physical service channels, develop new methods of working with customers. This can be, for example, opening an account without a client visiting the bank’s office and simplifying a number of transactions.

The financial model has changed, and today customers pay exactly for what they get in the end: for certain services. The need for such services is especially strong among companies operating in the online economy.

Gradually, banks move away from physical channels of interaction with customers to digital and mobile services. Specialized software is being developed to enable a third party to integrate its solutions with banking platforms.

The result of all this is improved service, unlimited time-consuming customer service for banks and additional services. Banking organizations are increasingly using data analysis to better understand customer needs, predict them, and make up for services that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

The advantage of technology, speed and how to interact with customers, in general, is very important.


More recently, the main source of credit was all the same banks. Now there are many more sources. Banking products still occupy the first position in the market in demand, but startups are stepping on their heels.


Amazon and other online shops that significantly changed the concept of online shopping would be extinct without the fintech industry. The diversity of payment services that makes life easier for a customer is essential for proper functioning.

During the pandemic fintech industry in online shops has prevailed even more. And we should note that as time passes they will only have more value.


To sum up, the fintech industry is a very vast field which engulfs almost every aspect of our lives. Without fintech, it is impossible to imagine our world and they are seen everywhere.

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