Elements Determining if a Game is Good

About 54% of the Canadian population are gamers with an average age of about 33 years. There are features in the game that attract this kind of population in Canada. Game developers have worked on video games over the past years, making huge revenues from this niche. The abnormal profits result from these qualities that make a game good.

Developers incorporate these features and customize video games to satisfy the demand of this vast population attracted to games in Canada. The sole aim of developers is to create a video game whose mechanics and features are easy to learn. Below are some of the elements determining a good game.

Art design and graphics

The characters, environment, lighting, and everything that a player sees are crucial in video games since this develops a role in the look and feel, making a player more involved. A game art style should try to fit the story. Some will need cartoony graphics to enhance the experience, while others will need to be more realistic. Developers have grown to learn that a good game needs a story and to share art. The Ratchet and clank series is an excellent example of a landmark game that became extremely popular. It went for cartoony graphics, which fitted well with its story and gameplay.

Killer soundtracks

Game music and soundtracks play the sole role in making a player feel emotions and be in a mood that complements what is happening in the game. Game audio and visual elements are all critical in making a game highly immersive and successful. Most of the best soundtracks are enjoyable to gamers even when they are not holding the controller. A good instance is when a congratulatory sound accompanies a win irrespective of whether the user is playing online video poker, online slots or even baccarat.


Developers of video games have grown to understand that players feel more excited for a particular task or level achievements. Developers have put this into consideration by rewarding players for every accomplishment. Rewards come in many forms, some awards players with points or coins that they can use to purchase armaments like in Call of Duty. Other forms of payment make characters strong, as in Injustice Gods, where a character is offered some special combat moves mostly in autopilot mode and leave the opponent at a higher risk of being eliminated. In the gambling world, some players receive bonuses when they hit certain achievements in games such as slots. You can research more hereto understand why players will benefit from the rewards.


Great gameplay portrays great stories; however, the story does not always translate to challenging experiences and fun. Games should be interactive; a game should immerse players in different worlds. Straightforward controls of gameplay combined with good feedback to players make a game lively.


Developers of video games have worked to make a player work for what they want. A game should not be easy to predict, but a player should use the chance and unique interactions to avoid having victory directed to one path. A game should be challenging to increase a player’s involvement. When players complete a mission, as in the Call of Duty or when they complete a level, they need to feel the accomplishment and feel that they had work and deserved it. A challenge features in most video games in maps that are difficult to figure out or levels that are difficult to accomplish. Introducing a boss or an overrated character that has more skills ensures that players work for the accomplishment.

Gameplay and story are the most critical aspects of a good game that developers should consider while designing a video game in Canada since different players enjoy different games. Once a story is established, an art style that fits the gameplay universe should be adopted. Developers should pay attention to all these issues to produce good video games in Canada.

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