Sinead O’Connor on why she ripped up photo of pope on ‘SNL’

After years of hypothesis, Irish-English musician Sinead O’Connor has lastly revealed her rationale behind her notorious incident as a “Saturday Night Live” host wherein she destroyed a photo of the Pope. The “Trouble Of The World Singer” dropped the bombshell in her new memoir “Rememberings,” which was excerpted this week by Rolling Stone.

The occasion occurred in October 1992, when the “Troy” singer shredded a pic of Pope John Paul II on stage whereas internet hosting “SNL.” The stunt bought the Grammy winner exiled from NBC for all times and in addition booed offstage at a Bob Dylan tribute live performance a number of weeks later, Rolling Stone reported.

At the time O’Connor, now 54, stated she had torn up the photo to protest sexual abuse of kids by the Catholic church. However, she lately revealed that the story goes a lot deeper.

“My intention had always been to destroy my mother’s photo of the pope,” she stated. “It represented lies and liars and abuse. The type of people who kept these things were devils like my mother.”

Sinead O'Connor in June 1992 a few months before hosting
Sinead O’Connor in June 1992 a number of months earlier than internet hosting “SNL.”
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O’Connor stated she visited her mom’s house after her demise and “took down from her bedroom wall the only photo she ever had up there, which was of Pope John Paul II.”

The performer defined that “it was taken when he visited Ireland in 1979.” She recounted how the Pope had instructed the”‘younger individuals of Ireland” that he cherished them after making a present of kissing the bottom on the Dublin airport as if the flight had been “overly frightening.”

“What a load of claptrap,” the preordained Catholic minister-turned-Muslim convert scoffed within the memoir. “Nobody loved us. Not even God. Sure, even our mothers and fathers couldn’t stand us.”

Sinead O'Connor's new memoir,
Sinead O’Connor’s new memoir, “Rememberings,” is out June 1.
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She stated she saved it together with her for years. “I never knew when or where or how I would destroy it, but destroy it I would when the right moment came,” she stated.

Prior to her “SNL” look, the Irish-English singer had been studying accounts in Irish newspapers about kids abused by monks, who later bought off scot-free.

The photo-ripping stunt itself was reportedly impressed by a 1978 incident when Bob Geldof tore up a photo of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta on “Top of the Pops.” The musician was reportedly livid as a result of the duo’s document “Summer Nights” had topped the charts for seven weeks earlier than his hit single “Rat Trap” lastly bumped them off.

Almost 30 years on, O’Connor has no regrets over ripping the Pope on digital camera.

“Everyone wants a pop star, see?” she wrote. “But I am a protest singer. I just had stuff to get off my chest. I had no desire for fame.”

This isn’t the one bombshell the “Black Boys On Mopeds” performer divulged in her memoir. O’Connor spilled the beans on a hellish incident in 1990, when deceased pop icon Prince allegedly threatened to beat the crap out of her in broad daylight, chasing her round his automotive early one morning on an LA freeway.

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