Tanra judge’s ‘True Colors’ came in Shannon Food

While it has been for years Real housewives of orange county Begging Gretchen Rosie And Tamra judgeThe on-screen drama, the former cast, will not be revamped any time soon.

42-year-old Rossi specifically stated, “I haven’t had any dialogue with him Us Weekly, 52, referring to her friendship with the judge, as a “toxic and negative” part of her past. “Thankfully, we don’t really live in the same community, so I don’t have to walk in her or something like that.” I really, whatever [let] Beagons Beagons, I’m in such a better place in my life that I’m dealing with all that Housewives

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Rossi, who is promoting his partnership with LifeVac, cited falling out with the judge Shannon seeder An example of the “true colors” of his former costar.

“After being off the show, I think a lot of people just used to think, ‘Oh, it’s just Gretchen and Tamra who release it.” But clearly, he had issues with almost every single person on that show, you know? And we saw last season, I mean, for goodness sake, her best friend Shannon and her [are] No more friends, ”said Bravo Alum. “So, after a while, you start looking at the common denominator and you start going, ‘Okay, whose problem is that here?’ Because in most of those relationships, she was the one who always gave birth to drama or issue. “

The ups and downs of Judge and Rossi were documented for five seasons RHOC Until the latter’s exit in 2013. The owner of Cut Fitness, for its part, left the Bravo show beyond season 15, which aired in 2020. While he was not featured in the most recent season, viewers learned that he was no longer speaking, with the 57-year-old seeder, his close friend of many years.

Gretchen Rossi RHOC fans watch Tamers True Colors after Shannon Feud
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“I was not [surprised when Tamra was let go from RHOC]. I mean, I think I was kind of because I felt that the network sometimes rewards bad behavior, ”continued Rossi. “And I think she knew that, and I think she would definitely do a lot of things [the] Camera and she was like the production and the messenger of Bravo on that show – if like, you know, they wanted anything to stir up or whatever and they would do it and do it. … I think it reached a point, where it really started to be inhumane. I think listeners and fans really started to rise above scholars and BS and it just became clear that he was, like, intentionally shaking something or doing something. “

while Andy cohen Has waged a “reboot” RHOC Coming ahead of season 16, Rosie does not see a return to her immediate future, he reported America. “But I have to say with Tamra, it’s very easy to say yes,” she said. “Whenever she went, I was like, ‘Hell to the Now’, but now that she’s gone, I think it won’t be as ugly to me as it was.”

Right now, Rosie focuses on 22-month-old daughter Skylar, whom she shares with fiance Slady Smiley, And being a mother is being prepared to do anything.

“50 to 70 percent of the time, the Hemlich maneuver does not work even when performed by a professional,” said Rosie America. “It’s really scary. And having such backup resources at our fingertips can literally save lives. … [LifeVac] There is a device and a device that should be in every school, should be in every hotel, like a fire extinguisher, right? It should be in every house. “

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