Experts Reveal 6 Powerful Ways To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

Weaknesses are part of what makes us human. You doubtless have a reasonably balanced checklist of strengths, weaknesses, and realized abilities, and possibly you’ve come to phrases with that.

But what if you happen to discovered that a few of your weaknesses may truly be big belongings in your street to success? What if you happen to may flip over your destructive traits and make them not simply optimistic, however instrumental to your targets? Here’s how specialists reveal 6 highly effective methods to show your weaknesses into strengths.

1.    Acknowledge Both Weaknesses and Strengths – And Accept Them Both

In order to higher one thing, you have to acknowledge that it exists and desires enchancment. Global analytics and advice firm Gallup defines a “weakness” as something that may have an effect on your possibilities of success. These weaknesses can scale back your potential whenever you utterly ignore them.

Essentially, you want self-awareness if you happen to’re going to maneuver ahead together with your life. That consciousness ensures you may acknowledge each weaknesses and strengths with readability.

According to Gallup, listed below are among the largest obstacles to self-awareness:

  • Being unable to see your weaknesses or how these weaknesses have an effect on you and your life
  • Considering weaknesses extra essential to develop whereas ignoring strengths
  • Claiming to have strengths that aren’t truly possessed, or overstating current strengths
  • Reacting negatively, defensively, or protectively when confronted with areas of weak spot

This is why it’s so essential to correctly acknowledge your weaknesses and your strengths whereas appreciating the reality about them. You must know what you’re good at, what you’re dangerous at, and why every ability is effective to you indirectly.

Further classifying your weaknesses can also be useful. You might have a weak spot that happens as a result of it’s the reverse facet of the identical coin as a energy. You can also have a weak spot that happens because of a scarcity of expertise or incomplete honing of that capacity. By segregating your weaknesses into these classes, you’ll know the best way to go about addressing them.

A phrase of warning

Still, do that sparsely. Many folks really feel the stress to enhance on issues they’re not nice at, typically specializing in the destructive over the positive. But the fact is that it’s not really possible to be good at everything. When you focus on only weakness and ignore your strengths, you end up:

  • Meeting a lot of resistance, frustration, and negativity with nothing positive to balance it out
  • Achieving mediocrity at best when you are not selective about the weaknesses you want to improve
  • Creating a toxic environment in your brain that is trained to see only your bad sides and never notice anything good about yourself
  • Losing positive thinking regarding your abilities, meaning you have a lower chance of actually bringing your weaknesses up to the level of strengths
  • Believing that weaknesses should develop with the same speed and progress levels as strengths, even though in reality, things you’re not talented in will take more work

While it’s powerful to take weaknesses and flip them on their head, it’s equally important to understand that not all weaknesses need to be focused on. You should not lose sight of your current strengths in favor of improving your weaknesses, so work on both of them in even tandem!

2.    Put Your Weaknesses On A “To-Do” List

Weaknesses are completely possible to change – that is, if you put the effort into doing so! For many people, it can be tough to not just confront weaknesses but commit to changing them. Instead of leaving them as abstract items, put them on a to-do list of improvement goals.

Josh Waitzkin, the author of “The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence” and a Tai-Chi and chess grasp, talks about how this to-do checklist will help you obtain what success actually is. He explains that it’s a mixture of:

  • Enjoying the educational course of
  • Investing in every loss
  • Never considering of a set world
  • Embracing an natural course of
  • Embracing a long-term studying effort
  • Get out of mediocrity and luxury zones

This is called a “growth mindset”, which is the other of the frequent mounted mindset. A set mindset would contain seeing your self as an unchangeable entity with comparatively static strengths and weaknesses. For instance, when you have a set mindset, you would possibly say:

  • I don’t assume I can obtain that as a result of I’m dangerous at time administration.
  • That sounds nice, however I can’t attain that degree because of my lack of ability.
  • I’ll in all probability cross on that chance as a result of I do know I’m not geared up to deal with it.

On the opposite hand, a progress mindset is far more positive. It embraces. The concept which you could and can proceed to study and develop all through your life, typically in dramatic methods. Remember, you’re your personal worst enemy, and also you’re the one individual standing between your present self and your targets for the long run. Embrace a progress mindset and transfer ahead together with your to-do checklist!

3.    Engage In Deliberate Practice

Deliberate follow is likely one of the simplest methods to assist your studying curve grow to be extra environment friendly and efficient, with general positive results in your rate of understanding. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist, describes this type of follow as episodes or pockets of time involving intense focus in comparatively actual situations to follow a particular ability.

According to Albert Bandura, one other psychologist, this act of deliberate follow advantages much more from one thing referred to as “guided mastery”. Guided mastery is the act of pairing deliberate follow with instantaneous constructive suggestions, which dramatically quickens your ability acquisition. Bandura believes that emotional limitations of all types could be overcome this manner.

Deliberate follow sounds easy, however don’t neglect one in all its most essential elements: discrete ability. This requires the act of specializing in one very particular a part of a ability you’re attempting to study and honing in your follow on that particular factor. Once you’re glad with that factor, you may transfer on to the subsequent!

4.    Surround Yourself With People Of Strength

In life, it’s probably not potential to utterly go it alone. So don’t! There are so many individuals on this planet with talents and strengths from all types of views. Peers who problem you might be ones that may assist you flip your weaknesses into strengths. Here are some ideas for making this occur:

·         Get To Know The Strengths Of Others

When you view different folks by their strengths, you unlock a distinct means of wanting on the world, says Centre of Applied Positive Psychology founding director Dr. Alex Linley. This methodology permits you to recognize folks by what they will do over the weaknesses you might have doubtless already seen by now. It teaches you to worth the combo of ups and downs that every individual comes with and exhibits you the significance of a various mixture of strengths and weaknesses in a group. Why is that this essential? Because it transforms your understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses, too.

·         Learn From People Of Strength

By surrounding your self with succesful people, you’ll be able to study from them. If you might have a weak spot in a sure subject, being round somebody sturdy in that subject helps you to study from their talents. They could be your mentors – each formally and unofficially! It’s an exquisite approach to study and is known as “observational learning” by experts.

·         Don’t Be Afraid To Rely On The Strengths Of Others

It is simply not possible to be good at everything. Author and public speaker Dave Rendall states that we’re raised with the concept that having somebody assist us with one thing we’re dangerous at is a destructive act. It’s a mind-set we supply into maturity, however it’s false. There is solely no approach to do all of it your self. There are some weaknesses you could by no means be capable of hone. So study when to ask for assist from these with strengths you lack. Build a group of people that will help one another out and cover one another’s backs and your weaknesses will grow to be the issues that assist you work with different sturdy folks!

5.    Think Of Weaknesses As Blindspots – And Then Try To Face Them

Sometimes, weaknesses are positioned in locations you merely can’t see or take into consideration. That’s why that you must hear intently to constructive criticism and ask for suggestions from folks you belief and respect. (*6*) creator Robert Bruce Shaw explains that there are lots of potential causes for blindspots, together with:

  • Misaligned incentives
  • Gaps in experiences
  • Emotional biases

Shaw states that it’s essential to just accept that blindspots are inevitable. When you settle for this, you may keep conscious of them and study to handle them with out changing into complacent. Not certain the best way to discover your blindspots? Here are some methods to get began in wanting:

  • Seek recommendation from those that you realize are expert, reliable, or respectable
  • Self-reflect in your actions and habits, then examine in with your self recurrently
  • Be your personal satan’s advocate; argue with your self and search for flaws in your statements, logic, and beliefs
  • Set up an settlement with a peer to examine in with one another in your respective weak spot blindspots

6.    Look For All The Possibilities

Some folks attempt to rush from figuring out a weak spot to leaping straight to the obvious answer to it. But by doing this, you’re skipping a vital step that might give you useful and much-needed perception.

Before you start embarking on a path to an apparent answer, take the time to checklist out all the chances. Don’t overthink them – simply write no matter involves thoughts, then learn over your checklist and make notes and modifications. Don’t be afraid of sounding foolish or bizarre. This is your personal checklist!

Eventually, you’ll discover some nice potentialities you could have missed earlier. Need some assist? Try asking your self the next questions:

  • What is inflicting this weak spot?
  • What are methods the weak spot could be improved?
  • What are stuff you’re doing now which can be counter-productive?
  • What strengths do you might have that may struggle this weak spot?

Final Thoughts On Some Powerful Ways To Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

You can’t keep away from having weaknesses. What’s essential is studying to select ones to work on and discover methods to enhance on them in highly effective methods. Who is aware of? Maybe a evident weak spot of yours will flip into one in all your nice strengths in a few years with onerous work and optimistic considering!

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