Hairstylist guide for choosing the right hair color for extension

Hair extensions should be the hush-hush secret when it comes to enhancing your natural look. Even if someone gets tangled in your lustrous locks, he won’t realize you’re wearing extensions, if you choose the right color and material for the hair extensions.

Getting outstanding i tip human hair extensions is an all guns blazing task, which includes getting the best products in the proper color, fiber material, and length, as well as having them installed by a stylist who is an expert hair stylist like me.:’)

One of the most annoying aspects of buying hair extensions online is that we can’t color-match the vast array of hair hues available in person, a slight difference in screen brightness can damage the effectiveness of color. The real precision comes from bringing the extensions up close to your hair in natural sunlight. Here are some hair extension matching tips for you.

Guide to match natural hair to extension:


Natural hair color Extension hair color
For Light Blonde Lightest Blonde to Natural Blonde.
For  Medium Blondes Malibu Blonde  to Rhode Drive Blonde.
For  Blondes with Highlights Pale Ash Blonde to Rodeo Drive Blonde.
For  Strawberry Blondes Golden Blonde to Malibu Blonde.
For  Light Brunettes Malibu Blonde to  Bombshell Brunette.
For  Brunettes with Highlights Beverly Hills Brunette to Bombshell Brunette.
For  Medium Brunettes Beverly Hills Brunette to Dark Brown.
For  Dark Brunettes Starlet Brunette to  Darkest Brown.
For  Black Hair Darkest brown to Pure Black.
For  Ombre Hair L.A. Ombre to Bronzed Ombre
For Redheads Copper (Light) to Roxbury Red (Dark).

Tips To Match Hair Extensions With Your Hair Color?

TIP 1: Match your hair extensions color to the ends of your hair rather than the roots of your hair.

The extensions will sit on top of your hair, and they should blend better towards the ends than the roots.

TIP 2: Be ready to change the hue if necessary.

 Choosing a hair extension color will be simple to match in case no highlights and downlights are required. But if you adore having hair that is balayage, dark, smeared, or ombre, you need to change the hue of your extension ladies.

TIP 3: Blondes should choose two-tone or rooted hues.

Root colors are ideal when your hair starts to grow and your hair extensions are at their lowest point. It is particularly true when it comes to blonde tape-in hair extensions!

You don’t want that line to disclose that your naturally beautiful hair is extensions! If you don’t want to use rooted hair extensions, two-tone blondes are a nice alternative.

TIP 4: Choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends when choosing a color to match your hair.

Your roots color should never be chosen because it is usually a different tint. The greatest hair color to choose is one that complements your hair’s ends.

Tip 5: Match the extension to the color of your skin.

Using your skin to pick the most pleasing color is a great way to start. Go for complementing hues unless you want to make a huge statement and have their hair be the focus point.

For warm skin tones

Choose hair extension hues with a yellow or red base for warm skin tones. There are so many lovely tones in these spectra that you will undoubtedly find one as per your liking. Then you can use highlights or lowlights to give dimension.

For cool skin tones

Choose hair extension hues with a neutral or blue foundation for cool skin tones.


  • After you’ve decided on a base color, you can add hair some integrity by executing a secondary color treatment, such as balayage or ombre.
  • If your hair has various colors or more than three shades, we recommend purchasing two sets. In daylight, always match the Swatches to the ends of your hair.
  • When purchasing cheap human hair bundles online, you will have the choice of selecting from a variety of hair hues. There are as many as 40 different hair colors available at some companies. Knowing the different hair hues is vital if you want to get a more natural look, especially because black hair extensions are one of the most popular ones.
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