Airline ban Alaska state senator over mask policy violation

The company said Alaska Airlines has banned Alaska state lawmakers for violating their flights policies.

Republican state senator, Laura Reinbold, was caught arguing with employees at the Juneau International Airport about the airline’s mask rules. Footage posted on Twitter.

An airport employee is heard saying to Ms. Reibold, “We need you to pull the mask up, or I won’t let you fly.” on video, Which were posted on Thursday.

“It’s up,” Ms. Rynbold replies.

“It’s not,” one employee says. “It’s under your nose.” We can’t down it.

It was unclear whether he was allowed in flight and one of the videos showed him exiting the boarding area. In the video, Ms. Rinbold can be seen wearing a mask. It was not clear what sign of the collision at the airport was or what happened immediately before the footage was taken.

Ms Rinbold said on Facebook that she found out on Saturday that she had been banned from flying with the airline.

The airline said, “We have informed Senator Lora Rinbold that she is not allowed to fly with us due to her refusal to follow the employee’s instructions regarding the current facade policy.”

Ms Rynbold said she was suspended before the airline had a chance to talk to anyone and said she “did not receive a warning via yellow card as per her policy”, according to a post on Facebook.

“There was no due process before a temporary decision that was made public ‘under review’,” she wrote. “Alaska Airlines sent information including my name to the media without my knowledge nor permission. I believe that constitutional rights under the policies of corporate Kovid are under threat. “

The struggle against the company’s rule regarding masks during the epidemic was the latest in the country. The masked mandate has become a rally cry and a divisive political thing for some activists. Disputes about the rules sometimes lead to anger.

In an interview with Fox News Last week, Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, suggested that President Biden “should go on national TV, take off his mask, and burn it” to motivate Americans to get vaccinated.

A federal mandate issued in January required passengers to wear masks at planes and airports, as well as other modes of public transport, including trains.

Under federal mandate, Passengers exempt from wearing masks only include children under the age of 2, a person with a disability who cannot wear one or the other “for which wearing a mask would pose a threat to health, safety, or job . “

“I tested negative weekly,” Ms. Rinbold wrote. “I hope people can hear the truth of my actual actions due to the mismanagement of the media.”

Ms. Rynbold’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday.

On Sunday, Ms. Reinbold Posted on facebook That she had traveled to Juno, Alaska by road and ferry. Without the flight, the journey from Anchorage region to Juno takes more than 19 hours.

Last week’s episode is not the first confrontation that Ms. Reinbold has had with Alaska Airlines. He is already Complained about the company on Facebook.

“Bulls masked full force,” Ms. Reinbold said of a flight with Alaska Airlines. “Sadly, Alaska Airlines masks are part of the atrocities and by not providing the necessary evidence in the law they help prevent proliferation (I can show that they can cause health problems).”

In February, the Republic of Alaska Mike Dunley, a Republican, Sent a letter to Ms. Rynbold Asking him to stop sharing misinformation about the epidemic.

“It is clear that you have abandoned the principles of your oath as a public servant,” Mr. Dunley wrote. “You applied the motivations of disproportionate and non-political employees working for the state of Alaska with unfounded accusations that, on many occasions, were demonstrated to be false to you.”

in March, Ms. Rinbold said on Facebook That he was asked to skip a committee hearing because he did not wear an approved face shield. Thereafter, Ms. Reinbold was banned from the State Capital until complying with the Health and Safety Protocol.

“My actions are to protect my constitutional rights, including civil liberties and those I represent, even subject to extreme pressure and public scrutiny,” Ms. Rynbold said.

Ms. Reinbold has since returned to the State Capitol In a clear face mask.

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