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How to Extract Gold from Computer Parts & Electronics

Are you’re opening a small but worthwhile enterprise that may begin paying wealthy returns nearly instantly? If sure, then I might recommend you strive a enterprise to extract gold from electronics and PC components. As you’d absolutely know, gold is a treasured metallic whose costs often rise over a time period.

Actually, recovering gold from pc components isn’t a easy, home-based enterprise. Nor do you have to even try doing so at residence as a result of it entails chemical processes. But for those who can open a small workshop, it’s doable to extract gold from numerous pc components and begin making money.

Computer Parts with Gold

There’re fairly a number of pc components that comprise gold. I’ll checklist them for you. However, since these are completely different components, you’ll additionally required completely different processes to get better gold.

Computer components that comprise gold embody:

  • Motherboard processors
  • Hard drives
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • CD & DVD drives

Additionally, pc components additionally comprise silver – which is one other treasured metallic and naturally, copper, which is usually used for connectors and wiring.

As I point out earlier, since completely different components of computer systems require other ways to get better gold, let’s see a number of the processes you need to use.

Extract Gold from Electronics & Computer Parts

Most of those processes are advanced. Hence, you’ll want correct coaching to extract gold from pc components. And in fact, you’ll require a license too as a result of it entails shopping for numerous chemical substances that aren’t accessible off the cabinets.

Gold Cyanidation

The most typical approach of recovering gold from pc components is called Gold Cyanidation. It’s also known as the CN process or the MacArthur-Forrest course of. And because it entails the usage of cyanide, a extremely poisonous chemical, the method will be completed solely at labs or workshops which have crucial permits and clearances from the federal government.

To extract gold with the CN course of, you’ll first have to separate the metallic objects in a CPU, Motherboard and different pc components that comprise gold. Later, these scrap items have to be washed with a reasonable power acid resolution to take away plastic, rubber, epoxy and composite.

When you’ve gotten the metallic half clear and uncovered, comply with the CN course of at your workshop or lab. The gold comes within the type of an assay containing Potassium Cyanide. This assay has to be additional purified utilizing a mixture of Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid and Sulfuric Acid in the proper proportions, to create an answer often called Aqua Regia.

Gold dissolves simply in Aqua Regia whereas the Potassium Cyanate assay separates swiftly. The course of is a bit dangerous as a result of it entails extremely concentrated acids and cyanide fumes- each of that are doubtlessly dangerous to well being, for those who don’t take correct precautions.

Aqua Regia Process

It’s additionally doable to immediately extract gold utilizing the Aqua Regia course of, offered you’re prepared to accept somewhat lesser amount. The CN course of permits you to get better up to 98 % of the gold from pc components.

In stark distinction, the Aqua Regia course of permits you to get better between 90 % and 95 % of the gold solely. The acid combination reacts shortly with gold and causes a small drop in its quantity.

Clean the pc components with golds, take away all outer overlaying and drop the items right into a glass trough containing Aqua Regia.

These components and the metallic alloys with gold dissolves within the combination. Upon neutralizing Aqua Regia, you’ll discover the gold residue together with these of different metals. The gold residue will be purified to extract 99.9 % 24-Carat gold.

Ordinary Burning

This isn’t precisely the best way to get better gold. However, you may promote the char for lots of money because it comprises gold.

Remove all components of a pc that comprise gold and burn them in a big metallic barrel. You’ll have the opportunity to get better solely the charred items or chars from the ashes since they’re manufactured from metallic.

Usually, skilled gold extractors will weigh the char quantity, estimate the quantity of gold and pay for finishing half the method. However, they’ll purchase the char provided that it’s clear and freed from residues of some other materials. Hence, you might have to burn the items a number of occasions to get pure char.

Recovering Gold from Mobile Phones

The above processes are additionally helpful to extract gold from cellphones and different discarded electronics together with distant managed toys. However, the amount of gold in cellphones can be a lot smaller than computer systems.

License to Extract Gold

Here it’s necessary to keep in mind that recovering gold from pc components and cellphones will be completed solely by certified metallurgists and different professionals. This isn’t a enterprise for the unqualified.

Before you enter the enterprise, be sure to have correct licenses for working a gold recovery enterprise and possession of hazardous chemical substances.

In Conclusion

As you may see, there’s numerous money in extracting gold from pc components and electronics. However, this enterprise is for certified and skilled folks solely.

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