How to Make Himalayan Sea Salt Candle Diffusers

If you like Himalayan sea salt and candles, why not mix the 2 and create do-it-yourself diffusers? They may also help purify and cleanse the air in your house whereas leaving it smelling wonderful. Plus, they give the impression of being stunning and make an ideal ornamental piece for any dwelling. You might even place them on outside patio tables to create a calming vibe at nighttime.

We’ll present you ways to make a number of totally different sea salt candles so you’ll be able to place them all through your property.

Here’s how to make do-it-yourself himalayan sea salt candle diffusers

1. Lavender bergamot sea salt candle

Relax your thoughts with this aromatic diffuser.

What you’ll want:

– 1/2 cup sea salt
– Red and blue meals coloring
– Tea mild candle
– Votive candle holder
– Lavender important oil
– Bergamot important oil
– Small spoon
– Small bowl
– Dried lavender


1. Grab a small bowl and measure about 1/2 cup Himalayan sea salt. Pour into bowl.
2. Squeeze a pair drops of each pink and blue meals coloring into the bowl.
3. Stir with a small spoon to coat the salt evenly.
4. Add about 7-10 drops of lavender oil and 5-7 drops of bergamot important oil. Stir as soon as once more with the spoon.
5. Finally, add your dried lavender to the combination, stirring totally.
6. Grab your votive holder and scoop about 3 tablespoons of salt into it.
7. Place the tea mild candle inside and light-weight it. Now, sit again and calm down whereas the scent of lavender fills your property.

2. Mint lime candle

Invigorate your senses and sharpen your focus.

What you’ll want:

– 1/2 cup sea salt
– Tea mild candle
– Votive candle holder
– Small spoon
– Small bowl
– Spice grinder or pestle
– Fresh mint leaves
– Mint important oil
– Lime zest


1. First, seize your bowl and pour in a handful of sea salt. Add about 10 small mint leaves to the bowl.
2. Next, use a dropper to squeeze 10 drops of mint important oil into the bowl.
3. Use a spice grinder or pestle to crush the mint leaves.
4. Now, add in the remainder of the salt.
5. Put 5-7 drops of lime important oil within the bowl, together with a few teaspoon of lime zest.
6. Mix all of it up with a small spoon.
7. Place 3 tablespoons of salt into the candle holder, and put the tea mild candle on high.
8. Light it and benefit from the invigorating, energizing aroma of the mint and lime.

3. Rosemary lemongrass Himalayan pink sea salt candle

Indulge in a spa-like treat for your body and mind.

What you’ll need:

– 1/2 cup Himalayan pink sea salt
– Small bowl and spoon
– Lemongrass essential oil
– Rosemary essential oil
– Dried rosemary
– Votive candle holder
– Tea light candle


1. Pour half a cup of the pink sea salt into your bowl. Add roughly two teaspoons of rosemary sprigs and 7-10 drops of lemongrass essential oil.
2. Next, use a dropper to squeeze approximately 7-10 drops of rosemary essential oil into the mixture.
3. Stir with a spoon to combine the ingredients.
4. Spoon 3-4 generous scoops into the candle holder and place the candle on top.
5. Light the candle and breathe in the woody, citrusy fragrance of the lemongrass and rosemary.

4. Lemon grapefruit orange sea salt candle

This aromatic treat will boost your mood.

What you’ll need:

– 1/2 cup sea salt
– Yellow food coloring
– Small bowl and spoon
– Lemon essential oil
– Grapefruit important oil
– Orange important oil
– Lemon zest


1. For this citrusy candle, you’ll simply want a couple of substances. Grab your bowl and as soon as once more pour within the sea salt.
2. Add a pair heaping drops of yellow meals coloring to make this sea salt candle pop.
3. Stir with a small spoon to mix with the salt.
4. Next, add 2-3 drops of lemon important oil.
5. Add 3-5 drops of grapefruit and 7-10 drops of orange important oils into the combination.
6. Combine totally with the spoon.
7. Finally, add about 1 teaspoon of lemon zest and stir in with the spoon.
8. You know the drill: scoop about 3.5 spoonfuls of the ocean salt into the candle holder.
9. Add the candle, mild it, and permit the uplifting citrus scents to rejuvenate your soul.

We hope these do-it-yourself sea salt candles will add peace and sweetness to your property. They don’t take lengthy to put collectively, and it could possibly assist you calm down after a traumatic day. Wondering which candle diffuser you need to make? We’ll go over all the advantages of the assorted fragrances under.

Benefits of aromatherapy

People have been utilizing aromatherapy all through the world for millennia to deal with totally different illnesses. Certain fragrances can assist in therapeutic each the thoughts and physique, one other testomony to the facility of plant medicines. The results depend upon which plant you’re utilizing for aromatherapy.

Here’s a couple of of the extensively recognized advantages of every plant:

  • Lavender. Promotes calmness and rest, particularly when used earlier than mattress. Can assist ease your thoughts and cut back stress, nervousness and despair. Lavender may additionally alleviate complications and delicate physique or menstrual cramps.
  • Bergamot. Is recognized to enhance temper, cut back irritation, and eradicate fatigue, nervousness and stress.
  • Mint. When mint is subtle, it could possibly assist enhance cognitive operate, cut back complications and relieve nausea or abdomen discomfort.
  • Lime. Lime is a really energizing scent, serving to stability feelings, renew the thoughts, and promote well-being.
  • Rosemary. Rosemary is an energizing but calming perfume. It’s recognized to calm down the thoughts and physique whereas perking you up when you’re down.
  • Lemongrass. Lemongrass is a strong anti-inflammatory, serving to to cut back migraines and stomachaches. It also can ease stress and nervousness whereas bettering cognitive efficiency.
  • Citrus: Lemon, orange, and grapefruit. We lumped these collectively as a result of they’ve comparable advantages. Citrus scents are recognized to invigorate and energize you, selling a constructive temper.

Final ideas on how to make Himalayan sea salt candle diffusers

As you’ll be able to see, these candles have many advantages and can add a contact of magnificence to your property. After a protracted day, the scent of aromatic herbs may also help calm down you and ease your thoughts. If you don’t have a diffuser, you’ll be able to simply make your individual with these easy recipes. Use lavender if you would like to wind down, and the others when you want a fast vitality enhance.

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