How to Write a Convincing Case Study in 7 Steps

Most companies use case studies developed by researchers with the main purpose of drive conversions and boost their sales. A case study is an effective tool that can provide real-life examples of how a company’s brand can help customers find what they’re looking for.

It is a comprehensive study that highlights the successes of the company and allows them to show prospective customers how the company can help achieve its goals. If you’re tasked to create a case study, there are some steps to follow.

Come up with a realistic idea

Before you start creating your case study, you need to have a few ideas in your head already. Ideas that will appeal to your target audience. Case studies are tools that you can use in different ways. You can create a case study for a self-motivated prospect that involves researching a company, or you can create it for your company’s sales team, who will use it as a tool to help persuade prospects to convert into customers.

Create and send your permission letter

One thing to focus on when making a case study is the credibility of the document. Including stories that aren’t true is something you shouldn’t do. To ensure that the writing process of your case study moves swiftly, you should first pre-determine the timeline and expectations even before you start.

You need to find the best stories from real people. Then you have to write and send permission letters to them. Doing this will help you create the best setting for open and clear communication between you and your participants. If you plan to write more than one case study, it’s recommended to design a permission letter template, then edit it to ensure that it is tailor-made for each participant.

Find your angle

When you find the right participants or to help you choose the best from several participants who have given their permission to share their experiences, you now need to find the right angle for your case study.

This angle must show the participant’s success as a direct outcome of collaborating or doing business with you. Focus on the problem that your company has solved, explore the roots of the issue, share the negative impact on the participant’s well-being, and other relevant information.

Next, describe the process of how you plan to implement your solution. Do this in detail. Back this up with practical tips which customers will find useful and describe the positive outcomes too.

Writing professionals for hire

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Prepare your questionnaire

Preparing a questionnaire prior to your conversation with your participants is a great strategy to ensure a productive interview. The participants will answer the questionnaires to give you an easy way to gather information. The information you gather will provide your company with a solid foundation to plan your interview and get the most out of your meeting.

Prepare for the interview too

After the participants answer the questionnaires, you should contact each of them to schedule an interview. Here, you must prepare a series of questions related to the participants’ experiences with your service or product.

Include some data

Although some people consider a case study as a story, you shouldn’t rely on a whim or simple anecdotes when making your points. Remember the importance of facts and data when writing your case study, especially since you need to focus on credibility.

If possible, the data you use in your case study must be a direct reflection of the challenges faced by your prospective client. Also, you may include some evidence or data that will support all of your main points.

To emphasize your point, narrate how your participants successfully overcame their issues using your service or product. When it comes to case studies, it’s better to show these things through data and examples instead of empty promises.


Although case studies might not be the most exciting document you will write, they are very useful. Case studies widely vary when it comes to tone, format, and style. They can convince prospective clients that doing business with your company is a great idea.

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