I was shamed for my ‘distracting’ large breasts at a restaurant

A restaurant-goer had some nasty feedback to get off her chest.

Adrienne Airhart was celebrating her birthday when a lady at the desk subsequent to her began shaming her for her breast measurement, she shared in a now-viral tweet.

The Los Angeles-based podcaster stated she was instructed her chest was “distracting” earlier than the girl acquired up and moved tables. 

“Tonight at my birthday dinner I took off my shawl and the lady at the next table said, ‘Well those are distracting’ and moved tables. Still got it!” Airhart tweeted.

She clarified that the incident was “prejudice against big naturals.”

Airhart, who’s in her 30s, shared a video of her blowing out her birthday candle and wrote, “This was me last night. I’m not even that hot the lady was just a hater.”

The tweet has amassed over 34,000 likes and impressed different girls to share related experiences. 

Adrienne Airhart
Adrienne Airhart impressed different girls to share related experiences.

“I’ll never forget when I was on work experience at 15 years old and the lady I was ‘working’ for wrote in my evaluation that I dressed inappropriately. I didn’t, I was wearing exactly what they had told me to wear. I simply had breasts,” a person tweeted.

“I had a red fitted tank top on under a red jacket (not zipped up, but it was uniform appropriate) when I worked at a major retail store at 18/19yr. was called into HR and told a woman complained about my distasteful cleavage and they forced me to wear & buy an XXL branded polo,” recounted one other individual.

“In college, I was in a bar going to the bathroom and this guy said with a very serious face, ‘you NEED to watch where you’re going with those things’ saw him in the cafeteria a couple weeks later. no risk of him recognizing me cuz he never looked at my face,” shared one other.

Adrienne Airhart
Adrienne Airhart’s tweet has amassed over 34,000 likes.

Others weren’t so understanding in response.

“Maybe you should of were a different dress,” one individual replied.

“I’ll take things that never happened for 500,” one other quipped.

“School everywhere: I told you so,” a person chimed in.

Airhart isn’t alone in feeling disgrace over her chest in a public house. One lady lately was instructed to cover up as a result of her “big breasts” made “people uncomfortable” at a theme park.

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