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Is Rev legit? Must read

If you are looking for a great opportunity to earn money from home, consider working online for You don’t need to worry about the question “is legit or not?” Because this is a legitimate website that offers you two types of work from home that you can work on.

The best part about is that you can work at your convenience. There are no fixed work schedules that must be followed. You may have read other reviews, but this rev review will give you all possible answers to your related questions like how much does rev pay? Is Rev legit? How is the review of .

What is

to get started is a company that is based in Austin, Texas. This company is trusted by some of the leading organizations, including CBS, Viacom, PBS, Marriot, and Visa International, among others.

For people like you and me, offers three types of online work, requiring excellent skills and a little bit of our time every day.

These jobs include:

  • Online transcripts
  • Subtitled
  • Give foreign language subtitles to videos

And for the effort, also pays very well. However, I will emphasize that has a very strict quality control process. Therefore, to make some money with, you will definitely need a very high level of experience with all three types of tasks that I mentioned above. So, before applying for any of these three types of jobs, take an inventory of your skills to understand whether you will be able to meet their high standards.

Working for

If you have this question in mind, “Is legitimate?” So it is. Actually, has a very simple business model. Customers who want accurate transcripts, image captions, and subtitles for their videos in a foreign language sign up at They can upload videos and audios, as well as images for transcripts, subtitles, and subtitles.

Rather than having a team of employees for this job on its payroll, is looking for people like you and me who can provide 99 percent accurate foreign transcripts, captions, and subtitles. Currently, has more than 50,000 professionals in these fields who work as freelancers. And you can join this growing number if you have the necessary skills.

Make money with

Making money with is quite simple and enjoyable if you have the necessary skills. I mean, very high level of skills. Here I will explain how working with can help you earn money. Understandably, the amount of money you make depends on the time you spend doing any of these specific tasks.

Online transcripts

As with any other online transcription job, will send you audio and video files. All you need to do is listen to or watch these audios and videos and create accurate transcripts. Please verify these transcripts and submit them online to when you are satisfied with their accuracy.

Generally, receives all types of transcription jobs. These can be from job interviews, doctor-patient talks, or medical, legal, business, entertainment, and technical transcripts.

Therefore, you would need excellent knowledge of legal, medical, and technical terms to qualify as a transcriber. You have to acquire knowledge on how to be an excellent transcriptionist. That’s because proudly claims that all of their transcripts are 99 percent accurate and the rev transcript reviews are proof of their good work as well.


Captioning is pretty simple, as long as you have excellent creativity. You will have to give amazing captions to images and videos. These videos will be streamed through your computer. You will have the control to pause them and type a title or subtitle as needed. This is a very enjoyable job as you will be watching documentaries, commercials, and caption movies.

Here speed and precision are of importance. This is because some of the videos can be long and therefore you will have to finish them according to the deadline that will provide. These deadlines are given by customers. However, be sure to review your captions and subtitles before submitting them to

Foreign language subtitles

And if you have an expert fluency level in English and a foreign language that is widely spoken, such as Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua), German, French, Hindi, or Japanese, you can make big money with

That’s because documentaries, commercials, and movies often require foreign language subtitles for different audiences. This type of subtitling in foreign languages ​​requires excellent skills. And if you have them, take a job like that to earn money with

How much does Rev pay?

Now that I’ve shown you three different ways to make money legitimately with, let’s explore how much it actually pays. In fact, there are different levels that you could go to with Your salary is decided based on the level you are in at any time.

You can earn up to $ 400 per month if you spend a lot of time on doing transcription, subtitling, and subtitling work. In any case, working just a few hours a week, 8 hours, would cost you $ 400. And as I mentioned earlier, there are no fixed working hours with

However, the minimum amount of money you can earn by working one or two hours a week is $ 30. This means that you can take $ 120 during the month. sends the money to your bank account or through PayPal. They have an excellent payment policy. You can request a payment from at any time. They also pay on weekends, that is, Saturdays and Sundays. However, in such cases, the bank will credit the money only on Monday, as they are closed for the weekend.

Here’s how much you can get for work.

  • Transcripts: between 30 cents and $ 1.50 per minute of audio or video, depending on your level.
  • Subtitles: between 55 cents and $ 1.10 per video or image per minute,
  • Foreign language subtitles: between $ 1.50 and $ 3.50 per video per minute.

Levels on

As I stated earlier in this article, there are three levels to work at Your level depends on your experience and the amount of work you do for Generally, everyone who signs up for starts out fresh. So, here are the differences between benefits and payments at different levels.

  1. Cooler / Newbie: Here you can earn a maximum of $ 30 per month just doing short video and image subtitling jobs. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of time but would like to earn some money. I would suggest to everyone who wants to make money with to start fresh because it would give them a clear idea of ​​what they should do to increase their income with
  2. Reveer: This is the second level you can get to after working hard for like new. Generally, a Reverr gets longer videos and more images for subtitles. This means that you can earn at least $ 150 per month at this level. To reach this level, you will need to demonstrate that you can perform captioning work with at least 99 percent accuracy during the most recent stage. generally promotes it at this level. You will also have access to longer transcripts and long videos like Reverr.
  3. Revver Plus – You have to be a true pro to reach the Revver Plus level. Here you can earn up to $ 750 per month. One of the advantages of Revver Plus is that you have access to all the subtitling and transcription jobs on, at least 30 minutes before they reach the people who work at the freshest / novice level and at the Revver level. This means that you can take the job and increase your income before others have a chance to get it. However, at the Revver Plus level, you will need to spend a lot of time on on a daily basis.

Is Rev legit? My Review of

After much research online, I discovered that is a legitimate website that provides high-quality foreign language transcripts, subtitles, and subtitles to some of the largest corporations in the United States. It is a legitimate company that will not scam your earnings, unless there is a very serious reason.

Second, is very strict about the quality of work it offers to major companies. Therefore, they only hire professionals in the fields of subtitles, foreign language subtitles, and transcriptions. pays on time. They pay once a week. You have the option of choosing your payday with Their payment system is based solely on performance. That means the more you submit top-quality work for, the better your chances of making more money.

And finally, has no adverse reviews on any website. Your customer list clearly shows that is a trustworthy organization. They never ask for your private or confidential information. They only require the information that would help them to know your skills and your PayPal ID.


If you’re serious about working for a legitimate company like as a freelancer, it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is visit their website and register. You will have to fill in some simple details like your name, email ID, and a short profile. will administer a test of your skills as a foreign language transcriptionist, subtitler or subtitler. They usually accept your application as a freelancer in a day or two. However, in some cases, you may need to wait a week for to add you to their team.

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