Italian Mechanical Engineer by Day and the “Queen of Yoga” by Night

Caterina Patimo, a mechanical engineer from Italy, rediscovered her spirituality by way of yoga. The highly effective apply can remodel your physique and thoughts, permitting you to get in contact together with your larger self. In truth, the complete objective of yoga is to unite your soul with the common consciousness that governs all life. After beginning her personal apply, Caterina’s life completely shifted instructions, and her internal world blossomed. Here is her story.

“I am a yoga lion’s teacher, and I also own my own yoga studio, Yukta Yoga Studio, located in Molfetta, in the south of Italy,” Caterina mentioned. “Yoga gave me all of this and also awakened back my silent spirituality.”

Lion’s breath pose, or simhasana in Sanskrit, is a respiration approach generally integrated into yoga practices. This pranayama respiration train helps eradicate toxins, relieve stress, and get the power flowing in the throat and higher chest. It pertains to the fifth chakra or the throat chakra. If you will have hassle talking your thoughts or speaking normally, you might have a blocked throat chakra.

This respiration approach will help you join together with your real ideas and feelings and clear any blockages right here.

To do that respiration approach, comply with the steps under:

1. Sit cross-legged or in a lotus pose, if you are able to do so comfortably.
2. Lean ahead barely, inserting your arms on the ground beside you.
3. Spread your fingers out as large as you may.
4. Inhale deeply by way of your nostril.
5. On the exhale, open your mouth large, stick your tongue out, and stretch it as far down your chin as doable.
6. Exhale forcefully, bringing the breath all the strategy to the again of your tongue.
7. On the exhale, make a “ha” sound that comes deep out of your stomach.
8. Then, breathe usually for a couple of minutes.
9. Repeat lion’s breath 3-5 occasions.
10. Then, breathe deeply for a couple of minutes after your apply.

How yoga has modified Caterina’s life for the higher

“My biggest reward is to read peace and joy on other people’s faces – my friends, my loved ones, my students, my followers,” Caterina mentioned. “Their love and their sense of self-realization fill in my heart.”

After gaining peace and connectedness from her personal apply, Caterina wished to share this pleasure with others. Despite being a busy mother of two and working as a mechanical engineer, she additionally grew to become a businesswoman. She doesn’t thoughts the packed schedule, nonetheless, as a result of she is aware of yoga can heal the soul.

In addition to proudly owning her personal studio, Caterina additionally began a web site for individuals to take yoga courses on-line. Called TES yoga, quick for The Exit Strategy, the web site gives yoga practices, respiration methods, and extra. She explains the advantages of beginning a apply along with giving a background on yoga. Subscribers may achieve entry to stay group courses, one-on-one courses, challenges, and even a personalised program.

You may be taught meditation, focus, and rest methods by way of her web site. Yoga not solely relieves pent-up stress and tense power, however it lets you unlock deeper layers of the self.

“Yoga brings together all the layers of the human being and connects the individual self with a universal one.”

Caterina says on her web site: “Yoga will bring clarity and calmness in your mind, strength, and flexibility in your body. You will find your purpose and enthusiasm in life.

It’s never too late or too early to love yourself. Invest your time in yourself, on your wellbeing, your health, and your happiness. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

You need your body and your willingness to embrace a self-exploration and self-discovery journey, the most incredible journey you will ever do. Everything at your own pace, no rush, no pressure.”

Indeed, research have discovered that yoga can supply plentiful advantages to the thoughts, physique, and soul. In the Western world, many individuals start their apply to alleviate stress. However, the influence of yoga goes a lot deeper than simply the thoughts.

Benefits of an everyday yoga apply

  • Builds muscle energy. Studies have proven that once you stretch your muscular tissues, it helps ease pressure and build muscle tissue. Yoga may cut back decrease again ache and arthritis as a result of of the elevated muscle mass.
  • Protects your backbone. Not solely does yoga stretch your complete physique out, however it additionally protects your again from harm. Because of our more and more sedentary life-style, many individuals maintain quite a bit of pressure of their backs. Yoga will help relieve this pressure by correct motion of the backbone.
  • Improves posture. The spinal twine helps assist the complete physique, so when it turns into misaligned, our posture suffers. Yoga improves the posture by holding the backbone straight in all actions and poses.
  • Increases flexibility. Even when you’ve by no means achieved yoga earlier than, you may all the time begin with newbie poses. As you apply extra, you’ll discover your physique change into extra versatile and “bendy.” Since yoga stretches out muscular tissues and relieves pressure, it frees up power and makes the physique much less stiff.
  • Relaxes the thoughts. A giant half of yoga includes appropriate respiration, which consequently relaxes the thoughts. Most of us breathe in a quick, shallow manner, which makes us anxious. However, an everyday yoga apply instills calm and safety, making our minds extra balanced and centered.

Final ideas: yoga can “reset” your complete life from the inside out

As Caterina confirmed us, yoga gives many unimaginable advantages, the foremost being the capability to unite our soul with Spirit. By training particular respiration methods and poses, stagnant power flows once more and purifies our minds and our bodies. When Caterina began her apply, she rapidly realized how a lot better she felt. She wished to share her expertise and information with others, opening up her personal yoga studio and web site.

We hope her story evokes you to start your individual apply or no less than check out a couple of poses. Yoga and meditation can enhance your psychological and bodily well being dramatically, as Caterina notices in her personal college students. If you’d prefer to get began, you may take a look at her web site or search YouTube for a lot of free movies.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes; it’s what you learn on the way down.” – Jigar Gor

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