‘Kenobi’ show’s little Leia bonds with rescued chimp that shares her birthday

“Obi-Wan Kenobi” actress Vivien Lyra Blair is bringing the total drive of Princess Leia for an additional good trigger.

The 9-year-old actress — who captured the hearts of “Star Wars” followers with her portrayal of a younger Princess Leia within the new Disney+ sequence — is helping shine a light on Save the Chimps, a non-profit refuge with 221 chimps rescued from labs and the leisure business.

“Princess Leia wants to defend all creatures in the galaxy, and so do I,” stated Blair in a video timed to her birthday this Saturday — a date she has in widespread with one of many residents of the 12-island facility.

“On June 4, I turn 10 years old — and I share that birthday with Kay the chimp. She was rescued from a lab in New Mexico when she was only just a baby, and now she lives at Save the Chimps, a sanctuary in Florida.”

Blair, who was also a PETA spokesperson in 2019, defined that Kay and her “best friend,” Luke — a chimp named for the “Star Wars” character Luke Skywalker, initially performed by Mark Hamill — share similarities to the pursuits of the younger actress and her personal associates.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi” actress Vivien Lyra Blair — who performs Princess Leia within the Disney+ sequence — needs to assist a chimpanzee named Kay, who shares a birthday with her.
Courtesy of Save the Chimps
“Obi-Wan Kenobi” star Vivien Lyra Blair helps shine a light-weight on Save the Chimps, a non-profit refuge with 221 chimps.
Most of the chimpanzees at the sanctuary have been rescued from labs and the entertainment industry, according to the organization.
Most of the chimpanzees on the sanctuary have been rescued from labs and the leisure business, in line with the group.

“Kay and I have a lot in common: We both like playing games, collecting stuffed animals, doing somersaults and eating bananas,” she shared within the charming, minute-long clip.

“Although, unlike Kay, I don’t eat the peel,” she cheekily added.

Blair, who already boasts an Instagram account with greater than 218,000 followers, is remembered by many for beforehand taking part in Sandra Bullock’s daughter within the Netflix thriller “Bird Box.”

Episodes 1, 2 and three of “Kenobi” can be found to stream on Disney+ with new episodes dropping each Wednesday.

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