Reporter stuns viewers as he skateboards through live segment

Totally gnarly dude!

A Michigan broadcast reporter wowed viewers when he skateboarded through his live native information segment.

Victor Williams was reporting on a brand new skate park that was about to have its grand opening exterior of Detroit.

While giving the news report, Williams actually jumped on a skateboard and rolled through the park.

“As far as Chandler Skatepark, they’ll be done in about 10 days or so,” Williams mentioned as he whizzed by the cameras.

His co-anchors, Karen Drew and Jason Colthorp have been shocked as they watched their colleague skate from the studio, with Drew gushing, “Victor, you are so cool! Look at him go!”

“That’s live, folks! Really good stuff,” Colthorp chimed in. He then requested Williams what number of years he’s been skateboarding.

“A long time” Williams joked. “It’s been about … since I was 8 years old.”

“Wow. So impressed. I knew he was cool, but that’s a whole new level,” Drew exclaimed in the course of the segment.

Williams shared the clip on his Twitter account the place it has since garnered over 1.4 million likes and nearly 70,000 likes.

Williams wrote, “In all seriousness, as a child, I would have killed for a new park and mentors in the skateboarding community. Glad to see it’s happening in Detroit.”

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