Viral TikTok shows how McDonald’s McRibs are made in ‘nasty’ video

The McRib is getting a McRibbing.

An nameless TikTook consumer — and supposed McDonald’s worker — who goes by @thatonedepressedginger recently posted a video that claims to point out how the favored, limited-edition sandwich is “cooked and stored.”

In the video, as rapper Capone’s 2005 music “Streets Favorite” performs in the background, gloved palms are proven dealing with frozen slabs of spackle-gray McRibs earlier than cooking, then putting them rib-side-up on a grill. They later reveal messy warming trays the place the sauce-drenched product is reportedly saved.

The poster’s caption makes use of one phrase to explain the scene: “Nasty.” The video, which was appreciated by 85,000 folks and shared greater than 10,700 instances, introduced hundreds of feedback, many from horrified viewers. Feedback ranged from “so we been eating cardboard,” “we eatin bricks now?” and “sir that’s packing foam” to a commenter who requested, “Did anyone eat Salisbury steaks out of a TV Dinner growing up. what’s the difference?”

A lot of others, claiming to be McDonald’s workers previous and current, faulted the employee for his or her cooking and cleansing abilities. “I used to work at McDonald’s and we cleaned our grill every time we cooked something and cleaned our trays,” wrote one, including, “you do have time to clean.” Another faulted the chef for placement: “You cooked them wrong they are supposed to be cooked rib side down.”

Still others — apparently making the most of the legendary meat’s reappearance on menus earlier this month — determined that the maligned sandwich deserved a break at this time. “As long as it taste good and I can consume and digest it’s perfect for me,” wrote one commenter. Another was rather more smitten by nonetheless lovin’ it, writing, “I don’t care!! They are soooooo good!!!”

The McRib — made of boneless pork engulfed with barbecue sauce and topped with onions and pickles, then served on a roll — was first launched in 1982. Its reappearance this month was the primary nationwide distribution of the sandwich since 2012.

“The McRib has been a beloved menu item at McDonald’s since its inception nearly 40 years ago,” said vp of menu innovation Linda VanGosen upon its re-release. “There’s nothing quite like the taste of the McRib. To our customers, it’s become more than a delicious, saucy moment . . . it’s a season, and it’s taking the internet by storm. That’s why this year, we’re proud to serve the McRib nationwide for everyone to enjoy.”


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