Women like Chrissy Teigen are making Sober Living sexy

Forget the stuffy alcoholics anonymous where most of the old men slap each other on the back to stay on the buggy – very beautiful young women taking to Instagram to make a dish to leave the boo.

Model Chrissy Teigen, wife of John Legend and Victoria Secret babe Bridget Malcolm, is the latest beauties to dish out the qualities of a sober lifestyle, claiming that it is improving her health, appearance and overall well-being.

On Monday, Malcolm, a 29-year-old Australian, An Instagram Story opened in Q&A, Noting that after two years of restraint, his alcohol-free self is “happier, more positive, fitter and more optimistic.”

She wrote about maintaining “stable” and “healthy” weight, instead of clear skin, better friendships, stronger coping skills and ups and downs.

Meanwhile, on New Year’s Eve, Tejn announced on Instagram How he had gone a month without touching the hard stuff.

The 35-year-old wrote: “I was done with making myself an ass in front of people (I’m still ashamed), tired of drinking the day and feeling like sh * t at 6am, not being able to sleep. . “

Victoria's Secret Model Bridget Malcolm
Victoria Secret model Bridget Malcolm has been away from alcohol for two years now.
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His secret? After reading Holi Whitaker’s book it was cut and called “Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice of Drunken Drunkenness with Alcohol.”

The fact that young women take advantage of cohabitation is important to New Yorker Ruby Warrington – a leading voice in the anti-boo movement popular among millennials – whose latest book, “Sober curate reset: change the way you drink in 100 days or less” Was published in December.

She told the Post: “This is a very positive development.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to learn about her new sobriety.
chrissyteigen / instagram

“For too long, there has been a stigma concerning alcohol abuse and drug addiction, which has prevented many people who are not questioning their own drinking habits from alcoholics.

“People [like Teigen and Malcolm] Speaking about the health benefits as well as why they have given up allows others to assess their intake and its effects. “

Considering the “severe” damage that boo causes to the mind and body, Warrington outlined the six health benefits of sacrificing wine, beer and spirits. He said: “It may be time to become ‘quiet curious’ in spring and summer and see how a good life can be felt without alcohol.”

Ruby warrington
Author Ruby Warrington advocates a “quiet curious” lifestyle
Courtesy of Ruby Warrington

Clear skin

The skin automatically improves after “the body processes fewer toxins when it is not drinking”. “” They themselves come from alcohol, poor food choices you can make and can cause stress to dehydration, water retention and blotting. “Once you quit the booze, skin – a good indicator of overall health. – Gets more hydrated, brighter and breakouts are less frequent.

Sharp brain power

Alcohol causes lethargy and confusion, aka “brain fog” – a residual condition. “Anyone who has ever experienced a hangover at work would probably have said: ‘Today’s write-off,'” slammed the expert. But turning your back on hard stuff increases clarity and produces more energy Time concentrates.

Optimal organ health

Heart and liver are suffering from alcohol consumption. 2019 study Alcohol-related problems such as chronic liver disease and cirrhosis-associated mortality increased by an astonishing 40.6 percent between 1999 and 2017. Meanwhile, heart disease is the number 1 killer of men and women in the US. Also associated with chronic conditions such as cancer, alcohol is the third leading cause of obesity and American deaths after smoking. But Neil desperate! Doctors have seen widespread improvement in their patients, particularly in the liver, which reproduces rapidly – once alcohol is released.

Better emotional well-being

Increasing research suggests that alcohol is behind the chemical reactions that cause high anxiety (nicknamed “hangxiety”), depression, and even paranoia. “It suppresses the central nervous system by increasing the production of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline,” Warrington said. The path to better mental health includes keeping a clear-headed alcohol and creating your own energy reserves to help deal with stress and confidence issues. “It’s really very empowering,” she said.

Continuous weight / improve digestion

Not only is alcohol loaded with sugary calories, but it also prevents our body’s nutrients from getting out of our food. “It’s canceling the benefits of following a healthy diet,” Warrington said. Weight gain, bloating and indigestion – especially leaky stomach syndrome – are strongly associated with poor drinking habits. The good news is that many symptoms can be effectively reversed by showing it to the door.

Better sleep

One of the most immediate benefits of quitting alcohol is high quality of sleep. “Although a sedative, alcohol prevents us from waking up repeatedly and letting us go to REM, which is the deepest sleeping state,” Warrington said. Digging the bottle means improving sleep quality and later benefits such as alertness, reduced fatigue and, best of all, longevity.

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