Meadows Elementary students react to Jessica Watkins boarding ISS

“She’s really brave to do that because if that was me I’d be extremely scared,” mentioned Isa Thompson, a Meadows Elementary pupil.

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas — The SpaceX rocket headed to the International Space Station lit up the sky early Wednesday morning on the Kennedy Space Center.

Of the four-member crew, three are American. One of these three is making historical past on this mission.

“Who did we learn about today friends?” requested Valeska Sanchez, a instructor at Meadows Elementary School.

“Jessica Watkins!” the category yelled again.

Watkins on Wednesday turned the primary Black lady to go to the ISS.

As Crew-4 rocketed into area, fourth-graders from Meadows Elementary had been sending messages from earth. The class used coloured pencils, markers, and scissors. 

“She’s going to be the first Black woman to go on the International Space Station,” mentioned Eva, a Meadows Elementary pupil.

Watkins shall be finishing up a months-long mission on the ISS. She’s additionally a part of NASA’s Artemis program with hopes to carry Astronauts again to the moon.

“She’s really brave to do that because if that was me I’d be extremely scared,” mentioned Isa Thompson, one other Meadows Elementary pupil.

“So, you don’t want to go to space?” requested KHOU 11’s Xavier Walton.

It did not take lengthy to determine a few of these students are afraid of heights, however after watching Watkinson Wednesday, they’re motivated to attain for the celebrities.

“It feels amazing that someone with color actually has a chance to do that type of stuff because years ago that, was not even possible,” mentioned Thompson.

“She’s inspiring because she’s a woman that’s doing it and she’s Black,” mentioned Meadows Elementary pupil Jasmine Anaang Johnson.

“It makes me proud because in the past women didn’t have many rights and especially woman of color,” mentioned Eva. “So that’s what makes me proud.”

Proud, inspirational, and elevating the bar greater than ever earlier than.

“I really look up to her because she’s like very amazing,” mentioned Anaang Johnson.

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