Police: Woman arrested after taken stolen yacht for a joyride

Investigators aren’t certain how 45-year-old Renee Waughspack bought the keys to the yacht however her career as a pirate was reduce quick after they busted her.

GALVESTON, Texas — A Webster lady was arrested after police stated she went joyriding on a stolen 52-foot yacht Monday morning.

 Surveillance video reveals a lady — recognized by Galveston police as 45-year-old Renee Waughspack — hop aboard the boat.

Police stated she took the yacht from its berth within the 6100 block of Heard’s Lane and headed out to Offatts Bayou

The present house owners stay on the yacht however they weren’t on board when it was taken. When they returned, their residence on the water wasn’t there.

“As we rounded the corner and looked out over the water, the boat was gone. My husband said, ‘The boat is gone.’ I said, ‘What do you mean the boat is gone?'” proprietor Lorraine Grubbs instructed us.

With Loyalty gone, Grubbs felt just like the wind was taken out of her sails.

“It was like having your home [stolen] because we live aboard, it was gone. So no one knew where it had gone, or when or anything.”

Grubbs appeared on the surveillance cameras and referred to as police, the sheriffs office and even the Coast Guard.

Two hours later, they discovered the yacht moored to a pier at 7509 Broadway. Deputies arrested Waughspack, ending her temporary stint as a pirate.

She is charged with illegal use of a motorcar and possession of a managed substance. Police stated they discovered meth after they searched her.

“I don’t know if we had a piracy in recent history,” GPD Lt. Xavier Hancock stated. “Hopefully, we wont have anytime soon.”

Investigators nonetheless aren’t certain how she bought contained in the property as a result of it’s surrounded by a 10 foot wall. They additionally do not know the way she bought the keys.

“I have lived on a boat for 30 years, but this is my 4th boat and I have never had anything like this happen,” Grubbs stated. 

Even stranger, the notice they discovered left on the boat.

“It said ‘boat is sold’ and it had the name of an individual with a phone number. ‘I have been looking for people to have lunch with and I cant find them, so I am taking the boat and going to Kemah and we are having lunch at Boondoggles,’ Grubbs said. “That is so odd.”

Grubbs stated Loyalty has survived Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Harvey, and now this pirate journey.

The vessel was lately listed for sale for slightly below $170,000. 

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