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‘Lord of the Rings’ style Hobbit home can be yours for $220K

Like a scene out of “The Lord of the Rings” or “The Hobbit,” this earthly home in the center of Vermont has made fairly an impression.

Located in the Marshfield space, should you ever dreamed of residing in the city of Hobbiton, this will be the closest home to it.

The construction sits on a large stretch of 45-acre land surrounded by pine bushes, and it can be all yours for $220,000.

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom property designed by architect Bob Chappelle in 1990 was listed in early November. Chappelle has lived there for most of his life.

Built with related domes and arching vaults, it’s reminiscent of the medieval interval.

The itemizing describes the property as “a fairytale-like home with multiple open rooms, skylights, a huge wooden soaking tub, cherry dining room table, cherry kitchen screen, gorgeous cherry bed headboard and rough-hewn granite floors and walls.”

Chappelle, now 95, revealed in an interview with Seven Days Vermont that he used polystyrene, coated in and out with a mix of mud and cement, including that his inspiration derived from the most elementary materials: earth.

“Our country is so wedded to studs, sheetrock, plywood, plasterboard,” Chappelle mentioned. “All you get is a box.”

Chappelle hopes that whoever the subsequent proprietor is will undertake a number of renovations, however provides it’s not obligatory. According to the architect, some of the mud used to assemble the home over 30 years in the past has now crumbled resulting from water injury.


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