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San Antonio friends create mental health app for your inner circle

SAN ANTONIO – You’ve possible heard the time period “check on your strong friends”– alluding to the concept anybody can battle with mental health, no matter how they’re seen by world. But how can we try this?

It could be exhausting to know when to examine in on your family members and even make time for a name once we are all residing our personal lives.

In the midst of a pandemic, as a lot of the world is wanting for methods to make clear mental health, two San Antonio entrepreneurs got down to make it simpler than ever to make a distinction.

“There’s this pent up desire for people to talk about mental health. But what I’ve realized is nobody wants to go first,” Lorenzo Gomez stated.

He and Steve Cunningham are the co-founders of the app ‘We Tree’. They name it ‘the mental health minute’– as that’s all it takes. The first 30 seconds is a every day survey with eight questions primarily based on the science of optimistic psychology about your day and mental health. The questions are answered utilizing a rating system from 1-5.


Gomez believes society has been conditioned to pretend a smile or at all times answer “good” when requested how we’re doing. The quantity system used within the app makes it a lot simpler for somebody to share how they’re actually feeling.

“Even the people that you love whenever you’re struggling, you tell yourself this lie, which is, I don’t want to bother them and I don’t want to burden them with my problems. So the app is very simple. You’re way more likely to click a one saying, ‘I’m struggling,’ than to tell someone that I’m struggling,” Gomez defined.

After submitting your evaluation you’ll see how your ‘inner circle’ answered theirs. The inner circle consists of solely the folks you select. Cunningham stated it’s typically a bunch of between 2-10 friends and household.

“You’ll see what they post as well. And when somebody’s doing well, you’re going to reach out and give them some encouragement. And when you see that they’re having a tough day, you’re going to reach out and see how you can support them,” Cunningham stated. “This is allowing people to have conversations that they otherwise would never have. [It’s] facilitating this real world connection and these deep and meaningful conversations that people are just not having right now.”


Cunningham got here up with the concept for the app whereas working within the personal growth house. He included his family members in an train the place they shared their targets in numerous areas of life–including emotionally and psychologically. He was shocked to be taught that each single particular person was scuffling with worry and anxiousness.

“And I didn’t know… and a lot of these people I had known for a very long time,” he stated. “They weren’t talking about it with me. They weren’t posting it on social media. And so we just came up with this simple way for folks to better communicate when and how they’re struggling so that the people around them can support them.”

Gomez alternatively had already discovered a option to begin the dialog on mental health. In 2019 he wrote ‘Tafolla Toro: Three Years of Fear’, a e book about his personal struggles rising up on town’s West Side throughout an period of excessive crime and violence. “I just saw a lot of violence as a 12 year old that I didn’t know what to do with it,” he stated. It wasn’t till he unpacked his childhood expertise in remedy in his early 30′s that he knew he wanted to “go first”.


“Just like a fitness trainer gives you exercises… There are these types of tools in the mental health space that I didn’t even know existed. And so I want to give this tool to people that grew up like myself that maybe didn’t know [mental health] was a thing or grew up not talking about their feelings,” Gomez shared.

While society has put extra give attention to normalizing issues like remedy and self-care, not everybody has the identical entry. Gomez and Cunningham consider that 90% of mental health could be solved by using what we have already got.

“All of the research shows that the best way to combat fear, anxiety, and depression is to surround yourself with a supportive network of people that you can share your challenges with,” Cunningham stated. “Having a therapist, a workout routine or doing meditation is good, but it’s not enough. And the one piece that is missing right now from the world is the ability or a tool to help folks have better, stronger relationships.”


We Tree is at present out there on desktop. Gomez and Cunningham are simply weeks away from launching the cell app model.

There are completely different plans to select from starting with the fundamental free plan to get began. You can discover extra particulars on their website.

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