10 Reasons Why Some Friends Refuse To Accept Support

Have you ever seen a buddy struggling rather a lot with one thing and reached out to supply help or assist? In most instances, a buddy is commonly grateful that you just’ve seen a problem and can take you up on the supply. They might even promise to have your again whenever you want it subsequent time.

But in some instances, a buddy will flip you down. You can clearly see that they want your help, and but they’re performing as in the event that they very strongly don’t need it. They proceed to battle and switch down the presents for help from everybody who tries to deliver it up, and so they might even get offended at these presents.

If you’ve ever seen that happen, then you definately might need been fairly confused, because it doesn’t appear to make that a lot sense. Someone who desperately and clearly – to you a minimum of – wants assist is popping it down, though you’re a buddy who they belief! It may be fairly complicated and bewildering, and it might even considerably concern you as you are concerned about their wellbeing.

So, why does this occur? What would trigger somebody to rebuff and reject help at each flip, even when they seem like it could be useful to them? Is there any means so that you can break by means of that rebuttal? Here are 10 explanation why some associates refuse to just accept your help.

1. They Don’t Want To Be Vulnerable

The act of accepting assist from others requires somebody to be open to being vulnerable. For your friends, this means:

  • Allowing someone to see them at low points
  • Risking being hurt or rejected by you after you see their flaws
  • Opening themself up to the possibility of being judged

Vulnerability is scary for most people, even when it doesn’t make logical sense for that vulnerability to be a problem. Don’t take it personally – even if someone trusts you, it’s natural for them to want to stay as secure and safe as possible, which means remaining closed off in their time of distress.

2. They Don’t Perceive It As Necessary

Different people have different limits and boundaries. To you, what your friend is going through may seem like it obviously requires assistance, but to them, it may seem like no big deal at all.

Most people are somewhat capable of distinguishing when they truly need help, and when they don’t. If you’re concerned that your friend isn’t thinking clearly, express your concerns about them. Try to frame it in a way that is genuine and honest but not offensive. Basically, state why you’re worried that they may need help and offer what you can. If they still say they don’t need help, respect that.

3. They Don’t Want To Be Obligated To Reciprocate

Social norms dictate that the proper, positive factor to do when somebody helps you is to be able to reciprocate. This worth is what society was based on, with cooperation amongst communities of the earliest human beings.

If your buddy doesn’t really feel as much as returning favors or reciprocating, they might flip down assist to forestall that concern from arising. They might:

  • Feel like all types of help principally include a price ticket
  • Feel as if their freedom and autonomy are threatened by impending obligation
  • Not need to be at an obstacle later in the event you ask one thing of them.

Even in the event you attempt to inform your buddy that you just don’t anticipate something in return, be ready for them to proceed to rebuff you. They may not really feel proper about accepting a favor they don’t need to return.

4. They Cannot Reciprocate

In an analogous vein to easily not eager to reciprocate, some associates might lack the power to repay you in any respect. This is particularly true for larger types of assist that may be seen as big favors from you to them.

Even in the event you attempt to persuade somebody that you just don’t need compensation, many individuals will proceed to show down assist presents in the event that they know they gained’t correctly repay you. It’s a personal resolution typically based mostly on a personal code of honor or set of values.

5. They Have A Lot Of Pride

Pride is without doubt one of the most typical causes that somebody might refuse to just accept help. After all, everybody has a way of dignity, and a few discover that theirs could be extra simply lowered once they can’t do issues by themselves. A buddy who has loads of pleasure would possibly really feel that:

  • It is their responsibility to finish duties on their very own with no help, lest it’s akin to admitting defeat
  • Being helped implies that they’re inferior, poor, or insufficient in comparison with their helper
  • Accepting help would imply admitting that they’ve weaknesses or shortcomings
  • An supply of assist by some means implies that they aren’t able to dealing with one thing on their very own
  • They are being handled like a charity case or being supplied help out of pity

6. They Have Negative Past Experiences From Accepting Help

Trust points are sometimes made a joke within the media, however they’re real and may be debilitating. If your buddy has been in a position earlier than accepting assist led to damaging penalties, they might flip you down on a reflex to guard themselves. Examples of damaging previous experiences embrace:

  • An acceptance of the assistance that led to that help getting used as a bargaining chip towards them
  • Someone up to now performing entitled to favor from them after serving to them out
  • Manipulation by someone who claimed to be helping but was actually trying to take advantage of them
  • Past demands of repayment from someone who helped them
  • Being guilt-tripped after accepting help to the point where they regret accepting in the first place
  • Severe past trauma from abuse

7. They Don’t Like How It’s Being Offered

Before you start accusing your friend of being unreasonable, look at yourself first. Are you offering help in a way that your friends are comfortable accepting? Someone is less likely to accept any support from you if  you do the following:

  • Act patronizing as if you know better than them that they need help
  • Act as if you are above them and therefore helping because you can do a better job
  • Imply that you don’t believe they are capable of doing things themselves for highly negative reasons
  • Aren’t the right person to offer such a thing, and they know it
  • Act as if you know all the solutions and aren’t listening to their perspectives or input
  • Have ulterior motives

It’s important to make sure that you’re approaching this situation helpfully and beneficially. If your approach isn’t positive, you can’t expect to have your offers accepted!

8. They Don’t Feel Like They Deserve Help

Some people refuse offers for support simply because they think they aren’t worthy of it. It’s certainly a harmful thought pattern to participate in, but many people don’t know how to control it or overcome it.

Think about your friend’s background. What do you know about them that may tell you why they’re behaving this way? Consider, for example, that they may:

  • Have grown up in an abusive home the place they felt as if they had been undeserving of something
  • Believe that asking for something in any respect is egocentric, and one thing to not be performed.
  • Think they don’t have any proper to just accept supplied assist
  • Feel that they should earn your help and that they haven’t performed so but
  • Retain previous trauma that tells them they might be punished for accepting any assist from you or others
  • Feel responsible in the event that they settle for your assist

9. They Don’t Want To Trouble Or Burden You

Many folks concern the act of placing a burden on the shoulders of the folks they care about. Your buddy might not need to hassle you with their difficulties and messes. They might really feel as if they’re carrying a burden of some variety and don’t need you to undergo with them.

If you’re as much as the emotional, bodily, and psychological labor of aiding, you may attempt to reassure your buddy that that is of no hassle to you. You can even add a press release saying that you’ll inform them the second you should step away on your wellbeing if it applies.

10. They Have A Disorder That Dysregulates Their Perception

An enormous variety of psychological issues can have an effect on the way in which somebody perceives others. If your buddy is identified with sure situations, they could have extra hassle accepting your assist, seeing it as real, and even realizing that they need assistance.

In one of these situation, it might be finest to seek the advice of a psychological well being skilled about this, converse to somebody nearer to them, know them intimately first, or do your personal analysis in regards to the dysfunction earlier than going ahead.

Final Thoughts On Reasons Why Some Friends Refuse To Accept Your Support

It may be troublesome watching a buddy battle however flip down all types of help. At the top of the day, although, they get the ultimate say on who may help them and who can’t. It is their proper to refuse even essentially the most affordable presents. You must respect their needs, even in the event you go away an open supply or proceed to test on them.

If you’re anxious, it might be a good suggestion to take a seat down and have an sincere dialog together with your buddy. Express your issues in a transparent, non-confrontational method and ask if something is stopping them from accepting your help. Sometimes, exhibiting your real want to assist could also be sufficient to override no matter is inflicting the refusal.

At the top of the day, although, there’ll all the time be individuals who have hassle accepting others’ help. It’s not as straightforward to beat these emotions because it appears. You have to make use of optimistic considering and strive your finest to not take it personally!

If you need to, you’ve the choice of leaving the door open for help sooner or later. You can accomplish that by guaranteeing that your buddy is aware of you can be more than pleased to assist as quickly as they are saying the phrase. This means, you respect their resolution whereas extending a serving to hand, and who is aware of? One day, your buddy might take you up on it!

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