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8 Reasons You Feel Sleepy After Eating (And How To Prevent It)

Feeling drowsy after you eat is a typical expertise, particularly after lunch. It could make it troublesome to remain awake and keep targeted when you’ve gotten a protracted day left forward of you and wish to pay attention.

So why does this occur? And how will you work round or scale back this sudden onslaught of tiredness?

8 Reasons You Feel Sleepy After Eating

Here are 8 causes you’re feeling sleepy after consuming and the right way to forestall it in 7 methods.

1. Your Sleep Habits

Feeling sleepy can typically be traced again to a quite simple root: not sleeping properly sufficient in a no brainer type of approach. If you usually really feel a little bit drowsy all through the day and discover it exacerbated after meals, the very first thing you could wish to do is check out your sleep habits. Your issues could also be brought on by:

  • Not getting sufficient sleep the day earlier than
  • Having poor high quality sleep (sleep with out enough restorative deep sleep)
  • Maintaining an uneven sleep schedule

2. Eating a Lot of Carbs

Carbohydrates provide you with power and are good for you. But consuming an excessive amount of can contribute to many well being points, and on the tip of the iceberg is the sleepiness you probably really feel after stuffing your self with too many carbs in a single sitting.

Why does this occur? Well, carbohydrates assist the physique to provide increased ranges of serotonin. On the one hand, serotonin can increase constructive pondering and regulate temper. On the opposite, it balances sleep cycles, so consuming an excessive amount of will make you’re feeling sleepy.

While all carbs could make you sleepy, refined ones are usually the worst, so attempt to go for complete meals as an alternative. Carbohydrates which will trigger sleepiness, together with the next:

  • Rice
  • Baked items
  • Rice
  • White bread
  • Sugary meals and drinks

3. Eating a Lot of Tryptophan

Tryptophan is a type of amino acid present in sure sorts of protein-rich meals. You may affiliate the sleepiness you’re feeling after a Thanksgiving dinner with positive memories. Still, it’s much less convenient when it’s getting in the way of your everyday life, not your relaxing holiday!

Like carbohydrates, tryptophan facilitates serotonin production, which is why it likely makes you feel sleepy after you eat it. Regulating your consumption of these foods should reduce the severity of its effects somewhat. Here are some examples of foods rich in this amino acid:

  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Pork
  • Soy
  • Spinach
  • Spirulina
  • Tofu
  • Turkey

4. Your Physical Activity Levels

Do you tend to feel tired throughout the day, only to have it come to a head after meals? You might want to blame your activity levels instead of your food!

Exercise may be tiring when you perform it, but regular exercise makes you stronger, allowing you to enjoy more positive days and better power ranges. This might help stave off the worst of post-meal tiredness.

If you reside a sedentary way of life, attempt to squeeze in at the least 150 minutes of train per week. This means half an hour of train 5 instances every week!

5. High Food Consumption

Have you ever seen that you just really feel sleepiest after a big meal? This is because of the sudden upshoot of blood sugar from huge meals. This spike in glucose ranges means your power dives shortly after.

This occurs twofold when these heavy meals contain carbohydrates or the protein tryptophan. Since most heavy meals are inclined to have many carbs, you’re primarily making it so sleepiness, after you’re executed, is sort of inevitable!

6. Eating Specific Sleep-Promoting Foods

Lots of meals unintentionally promote sleepiness. The Sleep Foundation lists a few of the following as their suggestions for serving to you get extra sleep – so it goes with out saying that they’re additionally prone to make you sleepy while you don’t wish to be!

· Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are a little bit completely different from typical candy cherries, and whereas each could make you sleepy, tart cherries are particularly potent. Juice of those cherries might help you sleep faster and for longer, say studies, due to the excessive ranges of the sleep hormone melatonin contained in them.

· Nuts

Nuts have quite a lot of minerals and elements in them which can be conducive to sleep. Zinc, magnesium, and even melatonin are discovered in numerous quantities throughout nuts like pistachios, walnuts, cashews, and almonds. This mixture has been discovered to have positive results on insomnia and might make you’re feeling sleepy.

· Kiwi

The kiwifruit is wealthy in minerals and nutritional vitamins, together with folate, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin E. They are additionally full of antioxidants. It is believed that some mixture of those elements helps individuals really feel sleepy extra shortly, whether or not attributable to serotonin promotion or correcting deficiencies, however extra research is required.

7. Medical Issues

It’s uncommon, however typically post-meal sleepiness is usually a symptom of a medical situation. Usually, that is accompanied by normal fatigue on a power or fixed scale. Some examples of those medical points are:

  • Anemia
  • Celiac illness
  • Diabetes
  • Meals allergy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Underactive thyroid

If you’re involved about these points, it’s best to converse to a health care provider, particularly in case you have different signs of these illnesses and issues.

8. The Natural Cycle of Digestion

The pure digestive cycle is such that it’s virtually pure to really feel a little bit drowsy after consuming. To higher perceive this, let’s undergo every step of that course of shortly and easily.

  • Step 1: You devour meals to get power.
  • Step 2: The digestive system breaks down meals into glucose, which fuels the physique.
  • Step 3: Individual macronutrients are singled out and supply completely different advantages to the physique. For instance, protein’s energy can be utilized as power.
  • Step 4: As blood sugar or blood glucose goes up within the physique, the physique produces insulin to help the cells’ absorption of glucose. When this course of is over, blood sugar dips, decreasing power ranges.
  • Step 5: The strategy of digestion triggers different bodily responses. Hormones are launched within the physique that promote satiety, or fullness, corresponding to glucagon, amylin, and cholecystokinin. Another hormone launched is serotonin, which regulates sleep and causes drowsiness, particularly when mixed with meals that include the sleep hormone melatonin.

As you’ll be able to see, the digestive course of ends in hormones that may make you’re feeling sleepy, and glucose shifts within the physique add to that tiredness. Basically, in case you really feel sleepy after consuming, it would simply be as a result of that’s how your physique handles its digestive course of!

How To Prevent Feeling Sleepy After Eating

1. Control Your Portions

Eating smaller meals does a couple of issues, particularly:

  • Slows digestion, decreasing the ensuing sluggishness
  • It stops you from feeling bloated and uncomfortable, which can make you drowsy
  • It makes you hungry more often, leading to more frequent meals, which balances blood sugar highs and lows

In other words, by controlling your portions, you’re helping your body to manage the digestive process more positively, preventing the associated sleepiness that may arise from it.

2. Take a Walk

Taking a walk helps you feel more energized because it boosts oxygen levels within your bloodstream. It also helps facilitate circulation, which in turn speeds up the digestive process.

A short ten-minute walk can also boost your positive thinking, so you’re more likely to feel capable of powering through drowsiness after meals.

3. Drink Enough Water

Did you know that even very mild dehydration can negatively affect your positive thinking, capacity to focus, and power ranges? That’s why you could be sure to’re getting sufficient hydration.

You must be consuming about eight glasses, or two liters, or water day by day, however on the entire, you must also drink everytime you really feel thirsty. Drinking sufficient fluids might help your physique overcome the droop after meals, particularly since water is essential in virtually the entire physique’s features, together with digestion.

4. Chew Gum

Chewing a average quantity of gum for an affordable period of time might assist facilitate wakefulness, alertness, temper, and reminiscence, based on studies.

This occurs as a result of chewing is an exercise that helps your physique really feel like it’s in the course of an motion. This means that you can preserve power ranges or regain them in case you’ve lost some. Mint-flavored gum is useful, due to its refreshing style.

5. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Junk meals, sugar-rich meals, and meals excessive in dangerous fat can enhance drowsiness. This is as a result of they usually facilitate a better and sharper blood sugar spike, making the drop later far more drastic and noticeable.

Stick to wholesome, lean meats, complete meals, greens, wholesome fat, and different nutritious choices to really feel extra awake and energized after meals.

Do be aware that alcohol can also be thought-about an “unhealthy” choice typically. While some alcohol is okay moderately, it’s best to restrict how a lot of it you devour in case you’re attempting to keep away from sleepiness.

6. Spend Time In Bright Light

The gentle dictates the physique’s pure circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycles. When you’re in dim lighting, the physique begins to provide the sleep hormone melatonin, making you extra drained.

Conversely, exposing your self to shiny gentle – particularly shiny pure gentle – will assist you to really feel extra alert and awake if you will get some.

7. If All Else Fails, Take A Nap

As a normal rule, it’s best to strive your greatest to not take naps in the course of the day, particularly in case you have bother sleeping at night time. But when it comes right down to it, in case you actually can’t hold your eyes open after a noon meal, a fast nap may be your greatest answer.

Studies have indicated {that a} nap after lunch can positively have an effect on efficiency, each bodily and psychological, whereas serving to you keep extra alert. If that’s the way you’re going to outlive the day, then it’s nearly as good a guess as any!

Final Thoughts On Some Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy After Eating And Ways To Prevent It

After consuming, feeling sleepy is usually a huge inconvenience while you’ve obtained work to do and several other hours of daylight left forward of you. Luckily, there are many methods you’ll be able to forestall this or assist to perk your self again up once more if it occurs. So all you could do is perceive what could also be inflicting it and work your approach by way of from there!

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