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Sparse infant formula shelves stressing moms

SAN ANTONIO – Infant formula has turn out to be a treasured commodity, and the hunt is stressing moms out.

“You go to two, three, four stores a day, and shelves are completely empty,” stated Brandy Sloan, a mom of two, together with her newly adopted child who wants a specific formula.

She’s shopped the shops, shopped on-line, pleaded over social media and even wrote to the producer.

“It’s been insane, Sloan said. “There is only one thing your baby can have. It’s not like you can just get them a Happy Meal.”

The scarcity has dragged on for months. First, pandemic provide chain issues affected stock. Then, February’s large recall of some common manufacturers exacerbated the scenario.

Abbott Nutrition, the maker of the recalled Similac and different merchandise, acknowledged on its web site that the company is “prioritizing production” to assist replenish the provision and is even air-shipping Similac Advance powder to the U.S. from its FDA-regulated facility in Ireland.


No timetable for when provides shall be normalized has been given.

Other producers are additionally rising manufacturing to supply important merchandise for susceptible infants.

In the meantime, Dr. Courtney Smith, a pediatrician with Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, advises mother and father to be versatile however secure.

“Looking for a store-brand generic or looking for another brand is what we’ve been encouraging most patients to do and get as close as what they were on as possible,” Smith stated.

Some infants transition simply, however others could not, turning into fussy, gassy, or unable to tolerate completely different formulation, she stated.

Smith stated speaking to the child’s pediatrician for steering and resources is essential.

One factor she says a mother or father ought to by no means do is to dilute the formula.

“It can absolutely cause severe problems for babies if you water down the formula,” Dr. Smith stated. “Anything from the calorie content to electrolyte imbalances (can occur), so we absolutely advise against watering down. “


And while it may be tempting to buy the formula from people or companies you don’t know, she says to be cautious. It’s important to know where the formula came from and how it was stored.

Experts suggest shopping in smaller, less-frequented stores to find the scarce formula and shop online from reputable retailers.

It can also help to network and spread the word to your trusted friends and family. Sloan did just that. Out-of-state friends were able to find her baby’s formula and send it.

“I actually have some friends who graciously donated some of their frozen breast milk,” the mom stated. “That actually saved us and got us through because I don’t know what we would have done otherwise.”

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