Meltdown continues as Chris Kreider drops gloves

Rangers Chris Kreider, who was probably inspired by his feelings for the fourth line in Sunday’s overtime loss at the Coliseum, struggled after a big hit by the Devils’ Demon Severson 1:17 in the first round of the win on Tuesday.

Crider, who finished his eighth straight game with no goals and 16th straight five-for-five, has engaged in three fights in the past two seasons – all against the Devils. He dropped him against Kevin Rooney of the current team before leaving with Michael McLeod at the Gardens on February 16.

Chris Kreider fights Michael Macleod during the Rangers-Devils game.
Chris Kreider fights Michael Macleod during the Rangers-Devils game.
NHLI via Getty Image

The Rangers went without power play in three matches for the second time. In 19:32 of the third round, a shorthand goal from Pavel Buchenvich secured the club’s seventh place, while a man below, three, was scored in the empty net. The goal also marked 20,000th overall in the franchise’s history.

The Blueshirts, who outscored their opponents by a total score of 20,000–19,975, finished fifth among the original six clubs to reach that milestone. The Blackhawks trailed with 19,498 goals.

Julienne Gauthier and Philippe de Giuseppe were named healthy scratches as the Blueshirt went for the fourth straight match with the same lineup.

The second game of the four-game series against the Devils is set for Thursday at the Gardens.

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