Taste the greatness of Jacob Degrom

The part that is both beautiful and necessary, how finite and fleeting it is. Right now, Jacob Degrom is not the best at what he does, he is head-and-shoulders better than anyone else who does what he does.

That’s Kelly Kelly Leak right now, who dominates Chico’s Bell Bond beer. He is Jefferson from “Fast Times” soon after seeing his speeding car. That’s Scott Howard right when he started growing out a mustache in “Teen Wolf”. He is of the second level.

Those characters were, of course, fictitious, so their powers are eternal. This is less certain in real life, although every now and then we are so struck by the greatness that it is difficult to reconcile that other players around the star are being paid as well. And here’s the thing: it doesn’t last as usual in movies.

So you have to taste it while it lasts.

You should taste Degrom, and what it is now, which is even better than the pitcher who won back-to-back Cy Youngs in 2018 and 2019, throwing 50 balls in a game that hovers around 100 mph, Something that has never been done before. He has struck out 50 hitters in his first four starts; This has never been done before.

How long will it last? Another few weeks? All year? a couple of years?

No problem. Enjoy this moment. Get relaxed now.

No one sat longer in this type of situation than Babe Ruth, who began in 1920 in what looked to be a whole game of baseball. It took a while for the rest of the game to catch him, and for others to start playing the same way, and finally, to age Ruth to remind him, as everyone else does, that he was undefeated and untied. is.

Jacob Degrom celebrated after Friday's Mets victory.
Jacob Degrom celebrated after Friday’s Mets victory.
Robert Sabo

Ruth set a single-season record of 54 home runs when the previous record (held by him) was 29, and he did so with 66 games left in the 1920 season. Ruth passed Roger Connor’s current total of 137 career home runs in 1921 and did not stop until he hit over 577 – four more than the total career of Herman Kilbreve, now 12th in the all-time list Are in place.

Man-play-with-boys stuff right there.

Wilt Chamberlain was for some time a very unstoppable force as a supporter in his early years, averaging 50.4 points a year, 24.3 rebellions in the first 10 seasons of his career, scoring 100 a game against the Knicks in 1962. Lead the league in one year, just for kicks.

Wayne Gretzky was like that for some time. When he set a single-season goal record in 1982 with 92, he reduced Phil Esposito’s current record by 15 goals – and left it with 16 games. He finished with 2,857 career points – 1,007 more than Gorey Howe, whose record he broke. And he broke it when he was 29 – nine more years left in his career.

Tiger Woods had a few years when the best golfers in the world saw him and his blood-red Sunday at its finest. Mike Tyson had a few years like this when he was the baddest man on the planet, when you wondered if it was even possible that he could be beaten. Some years were like Serena Williams. Rod Laver won the Grand Slam seven years apart; He was in the 1960s for men’s tennis.

This type of company Jacob DeGrom now holds. This is the neighborhood in which he lives. The last time baseball saw a person who was much better than the rest of his contemporaries 20 years ago – it was then Barry Bonds, and still suspected that he had made the leap from All-Star to All-Star every single morning. Eat anything other than bowl wheat.

This kind of stuff does not happen very often. This is not going to happen very often. It is not supposed to be so. Even with the memories of fans who extend the 1985 Doc Gooden or the 1971 Tom Sewer (’69 with an apology for the sewer, ’71 was the best year of his career) those seasons were hard to contain. Time is what we are looking at so far. From degrom.

Maybe we have already seen this best. It will expire at some point. This is the law. Or maybe we need to see this version of DeGrom a few more weeks, a few more months, beyond all seasons. Although it lasts longer?

Enjoy this moment. Get relaxed now. Who knows when we will see something like this in our midst.

Wakes walk

It really seems like everyone knows that the Knicks recently fall into the category of “likeable”. Latest: Every single player reacted to Mike Woodson’s first return to the Garden after leaving Tom Thibodo’s staff and carrying an Indiana gig.

The feelings were genuine and well-deserved for a good man ready to give him his signed sports jersey by Julius Randall.

It is quite impossible to be a fan of New York sports and not be swayed by it John Jastremski’s “New York, New York” podcast. If possible, JJ’s passion and enthusiasm for sports in our city has become even greater and wider when he made the switch to radio full-time. This is great, attractive stuff.

Jacob Degrom certainly made the day of April 23, 2021 for the tastes of Mets fans. Exactly 59 years ago, Jay Hook did a similar service when he five-hittered the entire game in a 9–1 win over the Pirates at Forbes Field for his first franchise win (after a 0–9 start). Hook tells our pal Jay Horwitz every year that fans still send balls, cards and magazines to his farm in Michigan and ask for autographs. “I sign everything,” Jay told Jay. “It’s good to remember.” DeGrom will find out that very soon, very soon.

There are note-perfect accents by the actors. And then Kate Winslet’s Philly Brogue HBO’s “Ghost of Easttown” And you immediately believe that the sweet rose from “Titanic” will actually be in it to boo Santa Claus.

Empty on vac back

Ron perry: Carlo was supposed to answer for Santino. When does Brian Cashman have to answer for Aaron Hicks? He gets Eddie Gedell for $ 70 million?
Is Empty: Word to the wise: maybe Brian Cashman should opt for the back seat.

Howie seagull: Tom Thibodo is responsible for Nax’s success. His ability to move the right people in and out at the right time is something to behold. I’m old enough to remember that Red Holzman always knew that when Henry Bibby was called by Jim Gordon an “instant offense”, he had to be included in a game. This is a good time a Knicks fan.
Is Empty: The fan of the old Guard Nucks that you hear from these days is a sure sign that what is happening in the Garden is not a fly-by-night flock.

@A_Slapintheface: I’m not exactly sure how the NFL Draft works but any chance the Jets can trade on 2, get a bunch of picks and sign Jacob DeGrom at QB? I am all, but he will definitely be an All-Pro. idea?
@Mikevac: I am for anything that allows us to see the performance of more than 35 dates in a calendar year.

Bill dancose: I don’t like the seven-inning double header, but maybe I’m just old school. I can’t picture Ernie Banks saying “It’s a beautiful day, let’s play one and a half.” It does not have quite the same ring to do.
Is Empty: I know what Jimmy Dugan would say: “There are no ghost runners in baseball!”

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