The new rule in cycling forbids the tossing of water bottles

These days, a team can use 100 per day, according to Paul Naveen, who works as an euphemism for Howes’ team for massage therapy and other important tasks. In the summer of this year in the Tour de France, which will be 23 teams bidding 100 times, over 21 days of racing. It bids up to 48,300 with a course of more than 2,000 miles.

Those bids must now be dealt with in specific ways, including providing them with the dignity of the team or throwing them in the car of any team. Naveen explained that he now waited with a garbage bag on the side of the road so that his team – and any other team – could withdraw their bid. He spends extra time searching the area for the wrong people, worried that he will be fined for the trash left behind.

Howes’ job is tough right now, too. As a domesticist, who is a team worker bee, he had the task of lifting water bottles from the team’s car last week and distributing them among his teammates. They then had to collect used bottles and figure out where to dump them – without breaking the rules. On one occasion, he took a 30-minute detour to bid in a race judge’s car.

“Meanwhile, there are a thousand people on the side of the road, shouting, ‘Bidon! Bid on!’ And I can’t even give them a little piece of the race that makes them very happy, “he said.” It’s beyond despair. “

Howes said the introduction of the new rules has hardly been smooth.

Bidding for a placidity on the side of the road is a challenge for cyclists, he said, because sometimes 50 of them try to do so while doing almost simultaneous speeds. Throwing accuracy between riders is not a prized skill.

“None of us played ball games, so you have a bunch of skinny cyclists who are trying to throw half-a-bottle at a herd of riders, and that can be very dangerous,” Howes said. said.

When the bottles expire outside the designated location, he said, it is unclear how officials will determine who was responsible: “To find out if CSI is going to track fingerprints on the bottle Which teams should be punished? “

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