Student Air Travel Tips and Airport Hacks

Now that you have saved up for that trip you’ve always wanted and ready to make all the necessary bookings, you need to try and reduce the expenses. Also, once everything has been booked and planned, you need to be aware of some savvy tips and hacks that might be helpful at the airport.

Those tips and hacks can help you save some money as a student traveler. What are those student air travel tips and airport hacks? Here are the best five tips and hacks for students traveling by air to their destination countries.

Check the best dates for airfare

As a student traveler, your priority should be cutting expenses by any means necessary. You can start doing this when you’re planning the trip. For example, you can use services like Skyscanner to identify the best times of traveling by air. By doing so you will identify the cheapest seasons to book a flight.

You can then start planning the trip around that date and secure a ticket early to get all discounts you’re eligible for. This can save a lot of money for you that might come in handy during the trip for shopping for any souvenirs.

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Look out for student travel agents

Did you know that as a student, there are travel agents specifically focused on your traveling needs? Student traveling agents can help plan budget travel for students of any kind. By reaching out to them and communicating the traveling needs you have, they will look out for cheap flights for the trip you’re planning.

They can even help with other aspects of that trip, such as getting a hotel and planning a budget itinerary. Before you start planning the trip in more detail, try looking up local student travel agents and use their services, if possible.

Wear bulky clothing 

An airport hack that a lot of savvy travelers follow every time they are flying. This hack is wearing bulky and seemingly overweight clothes on the flight. They do not do this because it gets cold when the flight takes off but because of financial savings.

How? Overweight and bulky clothes can increase the weight of your bag. You might need to pay extra to bring coat and sweatpants as well as sweatshirts. To avoid that, wear these clothes instead of leaving them at home to avoid extra costs. You might need them at the country you’re heading to.

Make duplicates of all the important documents 

Nothing can be more disappointing and disturbing than losing your passport, boarding ticket, and other important documentation. You might feel like a fool and even miss the flight you’ve been planning to take.

This can be avoided by taking pictures or making duplicates of everything needed. Although some might not accept pictures of your passport but they can take the boarding pass. That might come in handy when you have lost only the boarding ticket.

Using the airport Wi-Fi for longer 

If you’re sitting there waiting for your flight and it has been delayed, you might wish to use the airport Wi-Fi for longer. Most airport Wi-Fi networks allow users to log in for an hour only. There are two hacks you can try to extend the period of using the airport Wi-Fi.

You can click add .jpg? at the end of the link to use it for longer. An alternative is setting the time to be an hour behind. These hacks might not work in all airports but it is worth a try.

The bottom line

If you’re a student that is about to go on a trip, considering these tricks and hacks can save you a lot of money. You can even enjoy more Wi-Fi time if the hacks outlined above work at the airport you’re departing from. Also, remember to make duplicates of all documentation because they might come in handy.

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 Julius Simis the Head of Support Team at Edubirdie and also the lead software engineer for a tech startup that deals in SaaS products. He’s passionate about computers and programming and helps students with their academic assignments and essay writing.

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