Epic Announces Billion-Dollar Funding Round Before Epic Trial

Going into battle with a large war chest at his disposal. Ahed among the companies regarding publishers’ anti-competitive app store practices, Epic said it raised another billion dollars in funding. Epic is now valued at $ 28.7 billion.

The funding round includes a $ 200 million strategic investment from Sony. Epic says the latest cash injection “builds an already close relationship between the two companies and strengthens their shared mission for state-of-the-art advancements in technology, entertainment, and the arts.” Sony last year at Epic. Meanwhile, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney remains the controlling shareholder of the company.

Although Epic’s The legal battle with Apple is not mentioned, the timing of the funding round is complicated. The first court date is 3 May.

, Epic would argue that Apple is fiercely competing through the alleged misuse of the App Store’s review process. Apple cut 30 percent in Apple Store and in-app purchases, which Epic opposed in this lawsuit to burn the fuse.

On the other hand, Apple argues that many other digital marketplaces such as Steam and the Google Play Store, which claim to be competitive, cut 30 percent of purchases. It states that its app review policies and restrictions on sideloading have helped protect iOS devices.

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