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The comparisons of Sandy Hook and Robb Elementary shootings

Marvin: And so is that this a fast-moving investigation since you had a lone shooter or have they got to be sluggish and methodical?  

Daniel: This is extraordinarily sluggish and methodical. The starting phases, the response to the risk itself and stopping the risk are very fast-paced. And throughout that, we’re very a lot going to be in danger. But that is one of the teachings that we discovered after Columbine was we have to go in and put ourselves in danger. And it seems like that is precisely what occurred there in texas. But as soon as the risk is mitigated, we now go into very a lot a sluggish, methodical processing of the scene. And of the proof, which incorporates proof, can also be what these individuals noticed. So these eyewitness statements. So there can be a whole bunch of interviews that they are going to must do, not solely from these people on the scene, however background data, those who interacted with the shooter round his life round these previous few days. 

Marvin: So after I take into consideration the crime scene, then I take into consideration an investigator sporting these white booties and some gloves and strolling by that complete facility across the deceased. Making notes… 

Daniel: Our crew was I might stack them up in opposition to anyone else within the nation so far as their potential to course of and recreate a scene. But some of the challenges that they have been met with is the truth that with a scene like this the place you have had such an unlimited response of first responders with their precedence to cease the risk. That signifies that scene has been contaminated way over another scene that they’ve handled as a result of of the quantity of site visitors that has gone by and ought to have gone by that. So that alone is simply because it has been disturbed a lot is a problem for them. But then, the emotional problem can also be an incredible impediment. Whereas usually, they could individually go into some horrific scenes and take pictures or take measurements or acquire proof by themselves or in particular person roles. At Sandy Hook, we discovered that it was higher to really have any person else paired up with that particular person that may go into this horrific scene strictly for emotional help, strictly to really hold eyes on them and be sure that in the event that they wanted to faucet out and take a break, that they’d do this. 

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