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The Earliest Signs You Have COVID, According to Johns Hopkins |


As coronavirus continues to surge throughout the nation, recognizing COVID early will be essential in treating the virus. But how are you going to know that you just’re coping with coronavirus within the earliest days of an infection? According to Johns Hopkins, there are certain telltale signs of COVID that have a tendency to emerge sooner relatively than later—5 to be actual—and these might tip you off that it is time to lock down. Read on to discover out what they’re, and for extra data on COVID signs, try If Your Symptoms Appear in This Order, You May Have Severe COVID.

Experts warn that the early indicators of COVID will be simply missed. According to Lisa Lockerd Maragakis, MD, the senior director of an infection prevention at Johns Hopkins, “COVID-19 can cause symptoms that are mild at first, but then become more intense over five to seven days, with worsening of a cough and shortness of breath. For some, pneumonia develops.”

As she explains in a Q&A on the Johns Hopkins Medicine web site, this is the reason all of those signs needs to be taken critically, nonetheless delicate.

Lockerd Maragakis provides, “The type and severity of first symptoms can vary widely from person to person, and that is why it is very important to call your doctor if you think you have any symptoms.” In reality, provided that many sufferers by no means discover signs as a result of they’ve a light or asymptomatic case, it’s best to at all times act as if you’re contaminated. Wear masks and apply social distancing even while you consider your self to be in good well being. Read on to discover out which signs function the earliest indicators of COVID, and for extra on recognizing the virus, try If You Have This Symptom, There’s an 80 Percent Chance You Have COVID.

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If you abruptly begin feeling sluggish, drained, or weak, your fatigue might be an early signal that you have contracted coronavirus.

A examine revealed by the World Health Organization has proven that roughly 38 percent of COVID patients report fatigue, making it the third most typical symptom of coronavirus. And for extra information on this symptom, try If You’re More Tired Than Usual, Here’s How to Tell If It’s COVID.

Man suffering from fatigue

Roughly eight out of 10 COVID patients expertise neurological signs, and complications are the most typical amongst them.

A examine lately revealed by researchers from the University of Istanbul in Turkey discovered that there are five key signs that your headache is the result of COVID, as opposed to one other sickness, stress, or migraine. To be taught extra about COVID complications, try This Is How to Tell If Your Headache Is COVID, Study Says.

Man with sore throat

A sore throat is a sneaky symptom as a result of it might point out any variety of diseases. But relatively than assuming your sore throat is due to a chilly, the flu, or strep, Lockerd Maragakis says it’s best to take it critically as a possible early signal of COVID.

According to Physician One Urgent Care, a sore throat from COVID sometimes presents with different signs, together with cough, shortness of breath, congestion, or lack of style and odor. It additionally tends to develop extra slowly than a sore throat from strep. And for extra methods to interpret your respiratory signs, try This Is How to Tell If Your Cough Is COVID, According to Doctors.

Woman laying on couch with fever and chills

Often COVID sufferers will current with a fever first, or will probably be the one symptom. But Lockerd Maragakis additionally warns that whereas a fever has come to be anticipated, not each COVID affected person can have one.

“You can be infected with the coronavirus and have a cough or other symptoms with no fever, or a very low-grade one, especially in the first few days. Keep in mind that it is also possible to have COVID-19 with minimal or even no symptoms at all,” she explains. And for extra COVID information delivered straight to your inbox, join our day by day e-newsletter.

Woman can't taste ice cream

According to Harvard Health Publishing, a majority of COVID sufferers report that they expertise an altered or lost sense of smell or taste. Of all of the early signs, this can be the clearest sign that you just’re coping with COVID and never one thing else, given how not often this happens in different diseases. If you discover that you have misplaced your sense of odor or style, it is undoubtedly time to isolate and get a COVID check. And for extra uncommon methods the virus seems, try This Strange Symptom Could Be the Only Sign You Have COVID, Study Says.

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