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These Are the 3 Most Attractive Qualities You Could Have, Study Says


Choosing a companion in in the present day’s world might really feel particularly difficult, however analysis reveals that most individuals observe the identical unstated guidelines which have dominated relationship for generations. One essential worldwide research performed over 30 years in the past discovered that there have been three specific qualities that the majority extensively triggered attraction at the time. Now, a second research from the University of Texas at Austin that sought to copy and examine information with the first confirms that these three qualities have withstood the check of time as the most attractive to potential partners.

Both iterations of the research surveyed a whopping 14,000 people throughout 45 totally different international locations, unearthing some fascinating insights about folks’s preferences in companion choice. And they could simply shock you! The extra superficial elements—like seems to be and money—did not make the reduce for many fascinating qualities. Read on for the prime three most engaging qualities you would have, and for extra on attracting a companion, try Wearing This Color Instantly Makes You More Attractive, Studies Show.


If like many individuals you had been anticipating “smokin’ hotness” to prime the checklist, hopefully this comes as a breath of recent air. Many research have corroborated this with their own findings, explaining that kindness creates a “halo effect” that makes an individual appear extra bodily engaging general.

One such research reached the identical conclusion after asking each strangers and people acquainted to an individual to rank their yearbook portraits for bodily attractiveness. The people that knew them personally additionally ranked those self same pictures for “familiarity, liking, and respect.” The crew concluded that “in general, the more the people in the yearbook were familiar, liked, and respected, the more physically attractive they were perceived to be.” And for extra on touchdown a companion, discover out why Cooking This For a Date Makes You Instantly More Attractive.

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There are apparent causes that an individual would possibly worth intelligence in a mate—however it goes far past scintillating dinner dialog. From the most simple survival perspective, an individual of superior intelligence is extra more likely to overcome the biggest threats and challenges, which the research notes is “consistent with evolutionary hypotheses.”

In in the present day’s world, we additionally are inclined to equate intelligence and training, which is related to elevated earnings, higher well being, greater ranges of household and job stability, and larger capacity to build up cross-generational wealth. Studies present that these qualities are inclined to elevate your standing as a possible companion.


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As the research revealed, those that preserve visibly good well being are usually thought-about amongst the most engaging. The authors of the research attributed this discovering to the evolutionary roots of our attraction: that we’re pushed to cross on wholesome genes to future generations.

They additionally famous that in international locations with greater “pathogen prevalence”—which means extra presence of illness in the native ecology—folks had been significantly involved with how healthy a potential mate was.

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The research additionally requested respondents about the significance of bodily attractiveness and good monetary standing, however kindness, smarts, and well-being nonetheless took the cake. However, the authors famous ladies put extra emphasis on these three key traits. “Women reported preferences for kinder ideal mates than men,” they wrote. “Women also reported preferences for greater intelligence in ideal mates, on average. … Finally, women reported preferences for healthier ideal mates than men,” the authors concluded. And for what not to do when making an attempt to draw somebody, discover out why Wearing This Color Makes You Instantly Less Attractive.


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