These Are the Most Mispronounced Towns in the U.S.


Who hasn’t checked out a map and tripped over a reputation of a city, metropolis, and even state? Plenty of locations have totally different dialects or pronunciations of their areas, and it is much more complicated while you add in regional slang. Luckily, we’re right here to set the document straight—and at last get to the backside of those complicated city names, so you may sound like an area while you’re passing via. And for extra phrases it is best to pronounce correctly, take a look at the 60 Words People Pronounce Differently Across America.

Sunset over Wayzata Yacht Club on Wayzata Bay, Lake Minnetonka.
Joe Mamer Photography / Alamy

There is a proper and mistaken approach to say Wayzata. Don’t butcher it by saying you are in “Way-zat-ah.” You’ll politely be corrected to name the lakefront group “Why-zet-uh.” And for extra grammar notes, take a look at the 23 Words You Need to Stop Mispronouncing.

texas hill country

On first look, this city in Texas Hill Country might appear to be it might sound just like the phrase “born.” However, it is really pronounced “Ber-nee” like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. And for different well-known individuals whose names it is best to know, take a look at the 30 Celebrity Names You’re Mispronouncing.

La Jolla, California

Don’t butcher this stunning seaside hamlet by calling it “La Jah-la.” The identify is definitely pronounced “La Hoy-yuh.”

Worcester, Massachusetts

It’s simple to get this New England city confused together with your favourite BBQ sauce. But it is really pronounced “Wuss-ter,” or for locals with a Boston accent, it is lovingly known as “Wuss-tah.”

beautiful overview of the lake and city of coeur d' alene

This lakeside oasis, pronounced “Core Duhlane,” is the identify that French merchants referred to as the Native American tribe that lived in the space. The tribe’s precise title was Schitsu’umsh. And for extra up-to-date data delivered proper to your inbox, join our each day publication.

lavender fields in sequim, washington

This enclave on the coast of Washington is thought for its beautiful lavender fields. But in case you go, make sure that to not say “See-kwim” because it’s really pronounced “Skwim.”

Beautiful small lake in the middle of the Uintah forest on a warm summer day in Duchesne County, Utah

This alpine outpost in Utah is pronounced “Doo-shayne.” Its origins are French, which means “oak tree.”

Panoramic view of the mountains from Sonoita Highway in Arizona during sunset

You might assume that Sonoita is a Spanish phrase pronounced like “So-no-ee-ta.” While the identify itself is of Spanish origins, it is really referred to as “Suh-noy-tah.”

harborfest in norfolk virginia

First off, be sure to’re referring to the area in Virginia and never the twin city in Nebraska. And while you do speak about the Virginia port, be sure to say “Nor-fik” or “Nah-fik” as an alternative of “Nor-foke.”

lafayette, la

Thanks to that Southern drawl and the additional particular sounds of New Orleans slang, if you are going to this gorgeous Louisiana city, make sure that to say “Laff-ee-yet” as an alternative of “Lah-fey-ette.”


It could be candy if this city identify sounded such as you had been asking for a kiss. But, regardless of the way it might seem, it is accurately pronounced “Ka-sim-mee.”

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Not solely does this waterfront metropolis have three phrases in its title, however they’re additionally a bit tough to decipher. Really, Sault is pronounced “Soo” whereas Ste. seems like “Saint.” Luckily, the third phrase is just the identify Marie.

Schenectady, New York

This historic Dutch settlement appears like somebody reached right into a Scrabble bag and pulled out a bunch of random letters. So we do not blame you in case you’re tripping over the pronunciation. However, locals will inform you to name it “Ski-neck-tuh-dee,” which is predicated off the land the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois Nation referred to as “Schau-naugh-ta-da,” meaning “over the pine plains.”

Des Moines River, Lacey-Keosauqua State Park, Van Buren County, Iowa
Clint Farlinger / Alamy

You know a small city is very tiny if it would not actually have a visitors gentle. Welcome to Keosauqua, pronounced “Kee-o-saw-kwah” after the Native American phrase for “big bend.” The Iowan hamlet acquired this moniker as a result of it sits on the curve of the Des Moines River.

decatur, illinois, fastest shrinking cities

There’s double the hassle with this city identify. Decatur—accurately pronounced as “Dee-kay-tur,” not “Deck-ah-ter”—is situated in the state of Illinois, which some sadly say with the “s” sound on the finish. (It’s “Ill-ah-noy.”) And for extra shocking phrases and phrases, take a look at the 25 Everyday Words That Used to Have Different Meanings.


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