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Britain’s travel corridors close for four weeks from today

Passengers have been refused permission to fly to Britain from the US today after claiming their damaging Covid outcomes had been rejected as a result of they had been lateral circulation exams – regardless of the Government insisting they need to be accepted.

There was additionally woe for hundreds arriving at Heathrow Airport as they had been compelled to attend for 90 minutes in ‘chaotic’ queues as workers checked all take a look at certificates and quarantine locator types in any case Britain’s travel corridors had been closed for the subsequent four weeks from 4am this morning.

The Department for Transport has beneficial ‘spot checks’ for individuals flying into the UK – however UK Border Force employees at passport management had been checking nearly all of individuals on the primary day of recent testing guidelines, with a number of individuals getting £500 fines this morning.

Hannah Holland, 23, from Sheffield, was left in tears after she was barred from the American Airlines (AA) service from Philadelphia by way of Chicago’s O’Hare airport resulting from land at London Heathrow this morning.

She had a certificates proving a damaging antigen lateral circulation Covid take a look at taken inside 72 hours of departure – however AA workers at examine in, who’ve a listing of accredited exams on its web site, mentioned it was not legitimate for travel to the UK regardless of being one of many varieties of exams accredited by the UK authorities.

Miss Holland was left sobbing and was not the one individual denied permission to fly, in response to The Independent. She mentioned: ‘It was the best factor on this planet till I received to Chicago. It was solely then that one attendant checked out my paper and mentioned: “That’s not sufficient, you’re not getting on this flight”. She form of threw this record of Chicago testing centres to me and was like, “Yeah, have a look at that, goodbye”.’

Her father added: ‘A British AA workers member was telling everybody with a speedy antigen Covid take a look at that they weren’t legitimate. My daughter was in tears begging her to let her on the aircraft.’ 

Miss Holland has not mentioned what take a look at she took, however the Government has been clear that ‘an antigen take a look at, equivalent to a take a look at from a lateral circulation system’ ought to be accepted by airways, however provides the passenger should ‘make sure the take a look at meets the minimal requirements for sensitivity, specificity and viral load particulars’.

The end result should meet these requirements and the letter should even be in English and comprise the passenger’s identify, matching their passport, in addition to their date of beginning, date of take a look at, take a look at system and speak to particulars for the tester. 

It can be understood that some British Airways and American Airlines workers at Heathrow have additionally turned away passengers flying to the US if their proof of damaging Covid exams are NHS antigen exams, regardless of the CDC in America saying it ought to be accepted together with PCR take a look at outcomes.

MailOnline has contacted the airways and the Department for Transport to substantiate if these had been one-off errors by check-in workers or a serious breakdown of the UK’s new travel restrictions to maintain new strains of coronavirus out of the UK. 

The new guidelines got here into pressure at 4am with all air corridors scrapped and each arrival going through 10 days quarantine or 5 days if they’ve one other’s take a look at and produce a damaging end result. It got here as all travellers into the UK face being compelled to remain in accommodations underneath plans to additional lock down Britain’s borders from today till February 15 amid calls for enforced quarantine.

Nick Brand, arriving again after a 48 hr business journey to Dubai, mentioned it had taken 90 minutes from touchdown to get by way of immigration as suitcases piled up in arrivals. The 34 year outdated from Brighton advised MailOnline: ‘There are lengthy queues, however that reveals they’re doing it correctly’. Katrina Wilson, additionally arriving on the in a single day Emirates flight, was lower than impressed with the lengthy wait. ‘I simply thought it may have been dealt with higher’ she mentioned: ‘It was fairly chaotic’.

The chaos at airports got here as:

  • Over 5million extra Britons might be invited to obtain a Covid-19 jab from today together with lots of the UK’s ovewr-70s;
  • NHS figures revealed one in six Covid-19 sufferers in English NHS hospitals arrived with out the virus however had been contaminated there since September;
  • Another 671 deaths had been recorded, the best quantity for any Sunday of the pandemic up to now, together with 38,598 new instances;

There had been enormous queues in arrivals at Heathrow today as new guidelines demanding a damaging Covid take a look at got here in to shore up the UK’s border 

Suitcases piled up in arrivals at Heathrow this morning as passengers faced long delays to enter the UK

Suitcases piled up in arrivals at Heathrow this morning as passengers confronted lengthy delays to enter the UK

A passenger in full PPE stands within the Arrival Hall of Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow Airport after arriving into the UK following the suspension of the travel corridors

The first passengers arrive into Britain at Heathrow as from today, all people flying in to the UK will have to provide a negative Covid-19 test

The first passengers arrive into Britain at Heathrow as from today, all individuals flying in to the UK must present a damaging Covid-19 take a look at

Arrivals at Stansted today where some were held up at passport control when they flew in because their coronavirus test results were not in English

Arrivals at Stansted today the place some had been held up at passport management once they flew in as a result of their coronavirus take a look at outcomes weren’t in English

Which international locations will you want a damaging Covid take a look at from earlier than coming into England?

From 4am on Monday January 18, 2021, anybody travelling to England will need to have proof of a damaging coronavirus take a look at, taken within the three days earlier than beginning their journey.

This will apply to arrivals who started their journeys in each nation of the world, with the next exceptions:

  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Guernsey
  • Ascension
  • Falkland Islands
  • St Helena

There will even be an exemption till 4am on January 21 for individuals who started their journey in:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • St Lucia
  • Barbados

The take a look at should meet efficiency requirements of ≥97% specificity, ≥80% sensitivity at viral masses above 100,000 copies/ml. This may embody exams equivalent to:

  • a nucleic acid take a look at, together with a polymerase chain response (PCR) take a look at or spinoff applied sciences, together with loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) exams
  • an antigen take a look at, equivalent to a take a look at from a lateral circulation system

Arrivals to the UK should show they’ve a damaging PCR or antigen take a look at. 

Both contain swabs taken from the nostril and throat with the PCR accepted as being essentially the most correct. 

The antigen take a look at or lateral circulation take a look at produces leads to lower than an hour whereas the PCR includes laboratory testing that may take as much as 48hours. 

The Government web site says each PCR and Lateral Flow exams are acceptable for entry to the UK. 

Only Emirates seems to have dominated out lateral circulation exams and is demanding that passengers will need to have a damaging COVID‑19 PCR take a look at taken not more than 96 hours earlier than departure and current the certificates at examine‑in. 

Staff at Terminal Two handed out bottles of water to passengers ready over 90 mint to clear immigration.

Nanna Lund Nielsen, 24, mentioned many individuals had been agitated having to queue as much as present their damaging PCR end result and locator kind.

She mentioned:’Some individuals are not very pleased with the wait. It was getting highly regarded within the immigration corridor they usually had been giving out water. I don’t suppose individuals anticipated to attend so lengthy.’

Lund Nielsen, who arrived from the Danish capital Copenhagen, mentioned she had a PCR take a look at 48 hours earlier than flying. She deliberate to quarantine at her residence on the Isle of Wight for 10 days.

Her PCR take a look at was free in Copenhagen.

Elliot Sommer, who arrived on the identical flight from Denmark at Terminal Two, mentioned he took two PCR exams to be on the protected facet

‘ I wanted to make sure that I could get the flight. The tests were free so it was no problem, ‘ he said.

Sommer said he would now self isolate at his London home rather than take part in the test to release scheme available on the ground floor of the terminal.

Many said they had multiple tests before taking a flight.

Laine Careza, who had been visiting family in Kenya, said she was reassured that everyone now arriving in the UK was not carrying the virus.

She said: ‘In Kenya at the borders there are lots of checks. It is good now they are doing it here’.

The E gates usually used by travellers to speed through immigration control were closed as all arrivals had their entry forms personally checked.

Joe Johnson, who arrived from Delhi, India, said he was asked to show his negative PCR fit to fly certificate and a locator form.

He said: ‘ The checks were very thorough. Everyone had to produce the PCR test result and the locator for on. Some people had not filled out the form and went to the back of the queue’.

Airlines had insisted on proof of the negative PCR test before any passenger could board. Photos taken inside the immigration hall at Terminal Two show long lines of passengers waiting to be seen.

Question marks over lateral flow tests that give results in 15 minutes – but Government insists they are safe to fly on

Lateral flow tests are only accurate at diagnosing coronavirus when administered by trained professionals, studies have repeatedly shown. 

The tests, which give results in as little as 15 minutes, use swabs of the nose or throat. Samples are then mixed in a testing liquid and put into a plastic cassette which can detect the presence or absence of coronavirus and then produce an image of a line, the same way as a pregnancy test, to indicate whether it is positive or negative.

The Department of Health and NHS are instructing people to use the tests on themselves, despite manufacturers of some kits saying they shouldn’t be used as DIY swabs.

Both the swabbing procedure and the use of the test cassette can easily be done wrong and affect the accuracy of the test. 

If the swab isn’t done for long enough, or deep enough into the nose or throat, it may not pick up fragments of virus. Medical professionals are also able to use nasopharyngeal swabs, which go right to the back of the nostril, whereas this is not advised for people who test themselves.

And if the sample isn’t properly inserted into the cassette the result might be wrong, or people may misread the display when it produces a result. 


A University of Oxford and Public Health England evaluation of the Innova lateral flow test, which is being widely used in the UK, found its sensitivity – the proportion of positive cases it detected – fell from 79 per cent to 58 per cent when it was used by untrained members of the public instead of lab experts. 

Based on this evaluation, officials pushed ahead and used it for a real-world self-testing trial.


When the same Innova test was trialled on members of the public in Liverpool – with people taking their own swabs and trained military staff operating the tests – the swabs picked up just 40 per cent of positive cases.

In the study the rapid tests detected 891 positive results, compared to lab-based PCR swabs that found 2,829 positives in the same group. This means 1,938 people got a wrong negative result from the rapid test.

The study didn’t compare this to professionally done rapid tests, but the manufacturer Innova claims its test is 95 per cent sensitive in lab conditions. 


Despite rapid lateral flow tests getting bad press, officials in Slovakia used them on 5.2million people – almost the entire population of 5.5m – in a trial that a study later estimated to have cut the country’s infection rate by 60 per cent.

The tests used were between 70 and 90 per cent accurate and all the swabs and evaluations were carried out by trained medical workers. They used deep nasopharyngeal swabs, that go to the back of the nose, whereas self-testing generally relies on a swab of only the nostril.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine researchers said that the scheme successfully weeded out coronavirus cases that wouldn’t have been found otherwise, slashing the number of cases by over half in a week during a lockdown. 


Lateral flow tests are an alternative to the gold standard PCR test – known scientifically as polymerase chain reaction testing – which is more expensive and more labour-intensive but more accurate.

PCR tests also use a swab but this is then processed using high-tech laboratory equipment to analyse the genetic sequence of the sample to see if any of it matches the genes of coronavirus.

This is a much more long-winded and expensive process, involving multiple types of trained staff, and the analysis process can take hours, with the whole process from swab to someone receiving their result taking days.

It is significantly more accurate, however. In ideal conditions the tests are almost 100 per cent accurate at spotting the virus, although this may be more like 70 per cent in the real world. 

The delays were so long that baggage had been removed from the carousels and placed alongside until they could be collected.

The new rules came into force at 4am with all air corridors scrapped and every arrival facing 10 days quarantine or five days if they have another’s test and produce a negative result.

It comes after variants emerged in South Africa and Brazil, with scientific advisers warning more are likely to develop and could be imported from around the world.

The Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies called for a change in quarantine rules in a report on Friday, saying the existing system of ‘in effect, voluntary self-isolation’ should be replaced as ‘a matter of urgency’.

Instead ‘a managed isolation system’ would ensure ‘the full period of isolation is completed’. The report said new strains highlighted ‘international travel as a gaping hole in the UK’s response to the pandemic’. The Independent SAGE group does not officially advise the Government and is separate from its advisers.

Travellers are allowed to use public transport or taxis after arriving into the UK. They are then supposed to quarantine for up to ten days, but the vast majority are not thought to have faced any checks. 

Foreign passengers were held up at passport control when they flew in to Stansted airport today because their coronavirus test results were not in English.

The new rules requiring anyone arriving in the UK to have a negative result from a test within the previous 72 hours came in to force at 4am.

Early morning flights appeared to be only a third full with many passengers reporting that they had a row of three seats to themselves.

Many passengers said that border control checks appeared far more thorough than usual, although it did not appear to cause any delays

But some passengers got caught out by the requirement that test results had to be in English, Spanish or French.

One German passenger Antonius Maslaki, 31, who arrived from Frankfurt on a Ryanair flight said: ‘I had read the requirement so I knew to get my test in English. The language requirement was one of the bullet points

‘As I was coming through passport control, I saw about 20 people stuck because their test results were in the wrong language. It was very frustrating for them. They were just being told to wait.

‘I don’t know what was taking place to them. The border management didn’t actually know what to do with them.’

Mr Maslaki who lives in London and works as a credit score supervisor mentioned he paid 80 euros for his take a look at on Friday and received his damaging end result ten hours later, permitting him to travel again to the UK after spending Christmas and New Year together with his household.

He added: ‘There are lots of places doing tests in Germany. It is a new business area for private companies.

‘The whole process was not too much of a problem for me. I will be isolating in my flat in London for ten days but I would have had to do that any way.’

German scholar Arne Wysny, 25, mentioned he had been allowed to board his flight from Cologne although he had solely obtained a end result from a take a look at which he took final Thursday – greater than 72 hours after it was taken.

He had taken a second take a look at on Friday, however was nonetheless awaiting his end result from it when the aircraft took off.

Mr Wysny who’s finding out international affairs at King’s College, London, mentioned the damaging end result from his take a look at on Friday got here by way of by e mail a couple of minutes earlier than the aircraft, touched down, permitting him to enter the UK.

He mentioned he had confronted difficulties attempting to organise a final minute take a look at in Germany resulting from some laboratories being closed over the weekend.

Mr Wysny mentioned: ‘It was more challenging than I thought it would be, but it was manageable. I ended up going to a doctor’s surgical procedure ultimately. It all went easily ultimately.’

Italian script supervisor Giulia Patane, 35, who works within the movie trade flew in from Milan mentioned she had splashed out on two separate exams costing a complete of 150 euros to make sure she may fly in to the UK.

Miss Patane who had been visiting her household since December, and had arrived within the UK to begin one other movie contract.

She mentioned: ‘I spent 100 euros on a test on Friday and while I was waiting for my result, I got another rapid one for 50 euros which came back negative straight away.

‘I am going to be isolating for ten days in an airbnb flat. It is just something that I have to do. I am getting used to it now.

‘I was previously working for five months on a film in Northern Ireland where we were not allowed to go anywhere or see anyone, and I was tested three times a week. Then I went back to Italy and I was stuck inside with my parents for weeks.’


There are at the moment three lateral circulation take a look at units on the Government’s accredited record.

They are:  

SD Biosensor Standard Q Antigen Test

Manufacturer: SD Biosensor

When examined: August 

Claimed accuracy: 95.5%

Real-world accuracy:  Thought to be round 70% – source

Price: Unknown 

SD Biosensor's rapid coronavirus test

SD Biosensor’s speedy coronavirus take a look at

Innova Tried & Tested Antigen Test

Manufacturer: Innova Tried & Tested

When examined: August 

Claimed accuracy: 99%

Real-world accuracy: ‘At least 50 per cent’, in response to Dept Health

Price: £8.69 per take a look at (bulk order)

Innova's rapid coronavirus test

Innova’s speedy coronavirus take a look at

Healgen Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test

Manufacturer: Healgen

When examined: September

Claimed accuracy: 97.3%

Real-world accuracy: Unknown

Price: Unknown

Healgen's rapid coronavirus test

Healgen’s speedy coronavirus take a look at

Yorkshire-born musician Joel Hunter, 46, who lives in Berlin and is travelling again to the UK for work, mentioned he thought the brand new guidelines had been ‘pretty straightforward’.

He mentioned: ‘I got my test on Friday and I got the result yesterday afternoon. Testing is really accessible n Germany. There are lots of companies doing private testing. I just googled the nearest site, booked and went along. It cost £65 with the result guaranteed within 48 hours.

‘But the authorities were paying much more attention after we landed. There were checks on our paperwork and test results and passport before we got to passport control.

‘Then when we got to the control, I panicked because there was a long single file queue. They were examining everything, but it didn’t take lengthy. A month in the past no person was paying any consideration once I got here by way of.’

Anna Hamer, 26, a scholar from New Zealand who lives in north London mentioned: ‘It was certainly more thorough than usual coming through the airport. But it was super easy for me to get a test, so it is no problem.’

Another German passenger from Cologne who solely gave his identify as Sam mentioned: ’It was all good and clean’.

But a handful of passengers attempting to go away Stansted bumped into issues and missed their flights

Russian phd scholar Oleg, 25, who was flying to Venice mentioned he had gone to Heathrow on Saturday to get his £79 take a look at and received his damaging end in 90 minutes.

He mentioned he arrived at Stansted on a practice at 5.45am and waited greater than an hour in a Ryanair examine in queue, earlier than operating to the gate and being advised he was too late for his 7.20am flight.

German neuroscientist Angelique Lamaze, 38, who had been within the UK for the weekend for an important household matter was unable to board her Ryanair flight again to Cologne.

She mentioned she had a damaging take a look at earlier than leaving Cologne on Friday – however was caught out by a brand new rule in Germany which insists that anybody arriving on a flight has to have a coronavirus take a look at, no more than 48 hours beforehand.

It meant she was unable to board her flight, and was left having to unexpectedly prepare a take a look at at Stansted earlier than reserving one other flight.

The Sunday Times reported {that a} recent quarantine crackdown, if launched, may use GPS and facial-recognition know-how to examine individuals do not go away self-isolation. 

Any new measures would comply with the scrapping of ‘travel corridors’ introduced by Boris Johnson on Friday. 

All arrivals must present a damaging Covid-19 take a look at taken inside 72 hours of travel or be banned coming into the UK. Both measures got here into pressure at four o’clock this morning. Those flouting the foundations face fines of between £200 and £6,400.

A Department for Transport spokesman mentioned: ‘We preserve all measures underneath assessment.’ 

It comes as a senior Tory MP today warned Australia-style quarantine may have a ‘actual impression’ on thousands and thousands of lives and mentioned the system will ‘have a really extreme impression on the travel trade all over the world’.

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, mentioned the quarantine system ‘is costing individuals an terrible lot of money’ and is costing ‘multiples of what it used to price to fly out and in of Australia’.

Speaking to Speaking to Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News, he mentioned: ‘This goes to have an actual impression on many individuals’s lives and anyone who’s received pals who’ve been to Australia or has household in Australia or New Zealand is aware of the impression this has had.

‘So that is one thing I’m glad the Government has taken with excessive warning.

‘That’s why I’m completely clear that many different points of the Government’s powder-keg must be used together with support spending to ensure we unfold out numerous these vaccines as quickly as we will.;

Mr Tugendhat added: ‘This is costing individuals an terrible lot of money. It means a keep in a lodge might be, in Australia it may be a couple of thousand {dollars}.

‘Now in the event you add that onto the price of flight and onto the price of exams and all the remainder of it you are speaking multiples of what it used to price to fly out and in of Australia and I think it will have a really extreme impression on the travel trade all over the world.’ 

Water was handed out to people because of the delays at Terminal 2 today as customs officials checked papwerwork

Water was handed out to individuals due to the delays at Terminal 2 today as customs officers checked papwerwork

Luggage stacks up at conveyor belts as travellers held up at arrivals were unable to collect luggage at the usual speed

Luggage stacks up at conveyor belts as travellers held up at arrivals had been unable to gather baggage on the standard pace

People queue for COVID-19 tests at a testing centre, as tighter rules for international travellers start, at terminal 2 of Heathrow

People queue for COVID-19 exams at a testing centre, as tighter guidelines for worldwide travellers begin, at terminal 2 of Heathrow

Testing is in place for arrivals and departures at Heathrow, but there are concerns rules requiring passengers to provide a negative Covid result could cause confusion at check-in desks abroad

Testing is in place for arrivals and departures at Heathrow, however there are issues guidelines requiring passengers to supply a damaging Covid end result may trigger confusion at check-in desks overseas

Lucy Baalmann and Rahwel Qabir both travelled through Manchester Airport today as the new rules came in

Lucy Baalmann and Rahwel Qabir both travelled through Manchester Airport today as the new rules came in

Lucy Baalmann and Rahwel Qabir each travelled by way of Manchester Airport today as the brand new guidelines got here in

Lockdown is about to be ‘regularly lifted’ from March when all over-70s are vaccinated: Five million extra might be supplied jab from TODAY 

The brutal lockdown is on monitor to be loosened in England from the start of March amid rising hopes that concentrate on of vaccinating all adults by September could possibly be overwhelmed by months.

Another 5 million individuals might be invited to obtain a jab from today, with some in Whitehall suggesting the rollout goes so nicely that the broader inhabitants could possibly be coated by June relatively than September.

Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi was bullish in regards to the longer date in a spherical of interviews this morning – and he additionally struck an optimistic tone in regards to the prospects of easing lockdown from early March.

He mentioned the restrictions could possibly be taken away ‘regularly’ from ‘two to a few weeks after the center of February, after we have protected the highest four cohorts’.

Mr Zahawi additionally insisted that second doses of vaccines might be given inside 12 weeks of the primary – after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab refused to substantiate yesterday that may be the case.

The feedback got here as letters began going out to individuals in England within the subsequent two precedence teams.

That consists of 4.6million of their 70s plus one other a million classed as ‘clinically extraordinarily weak’ as a result of they’ve situations affecting the immune system, sure cancers or are organ transplant recipients.

However, there are issues a few postcode lottery for entry, as when individuals get referred to as will rely on native progress vaccinating the primary classes – which varies broadly throughout the nation.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock mentioned yesterday that the nation was ‘practically on the house straight’ as 50 per cent of all over-80s in England have been vaccinated.

Some 140 a minute are receiving a jab, placing Britain on track to vaccinate all adults by early autumn. However, one coronavirus affected person is being admitted to hospital each 30 seconds.

It comes as travellers flew into the UK to beat the 4am deadline today.  

Arrivals could possibly be seen hugging family members as they landed at Heathrow following a busy morning within the departures lounge.  

Earlier today passengers had been queuing within the departures lounge, as a travel advisor warned there have been ‘bumpy days forward,’ when new travel guidelines come into place. 

Departures had been anticipated to be busier as business travellers fly-out on Sundays forward of the working week. 

More arrivals are anticipated later this night after hundreds flew in to the UK yesterday forward of Monday’s restrictions. Travellers could possibly be seen ready for their outcomes after taking exams inside Terminal 5.

Queues at Heathrow today come amid issues that almost all UK arrivals are going unchecked for Covid compliance by Border Force.

From 4am today passengers must hand over a damaging Covid-19 take a look at certificates to check-in workers earlier than flying to the UK.

Guidance on the Government web site states it should meet requirements on ‘specificity and sensitivity’ of 90 per cent and 87 per cent respectively. 

Paul Charles, CEO of travel consultancy The PC Agency, advised MailOnline: ‘There’s prone to be some very bumpy days forward the place travellers coming in will face some confusion over their exams.

‘Airline workers will not be medical specialists and I count on there might be some confusion over whether or not the Covid take a look at certificates meet the specifity and sensitivity necessities that the Government has set out.

‘I’d advise to anybody arriving in Britain is earlier than they pack their luggage, to examine the Government web site and ensure they get the appropriate take a look at earlier than flying out.

The Government has identified PCR, LAMP and lateral-flow exams are all acceptable strategies. 

Officials have been advised to organize to make use of facial-recognition and GPS know-how with the intention to guarantee individuals keep in isolation once they arrive within the nation. 

Passengers are being requested to finish on-line passenger locator types to inform officers the place they’re staying after arriving within the UK.

But MPs have heard only one in 10 of the types are checked by Border Force, whereas cops advised to go to addresses for potential breaches of quarantine merely stroll away if nobody solutions – with no comply with up investigation.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic, thousands and thousands of individuals have flown in to the UK, however simply 247 fines have been handed out to individuals flouting quarantine guidelines.

MP David Morris advised The Sun: ‘We are previous the stage of having the ability to belief individuals to isolate if the system will not be being policed.

‘We ought to ramp up the fines or comply with Australia’s lead and take travellers straight to safe accommodations.’

The Department for Transport has mentioned today’s measures will come alongside elevated enforcement,  each on the border and throughout the nation.

Border Force is anticipated to extend the variety of spot checks carried out on passengers arriving within the nation. 

Visitors must pay for the lodge stays themselves underneath the proposed plans. 

Civil servants had been advised to check New Zealand’s coverage of ‘directed isolation’, reported the Sunday Times.

Arrivals are charged with keep at an airport lodge and compelled to stay in isolation for two weeks within the nation.

In Australia, travellers are charged between £1,500 and £2,500 for isolation lodge stays of between 14 and 24 days.

Civil servants additionally mentioned Poland’s ‘enhanced isolation’ system, by which individuals are contacted each day and advised to ship an image of themselves the place they’re isolating.

The footage are cross-referenced utilizing GPS information and facial-recognition software and are visited by police inside 20 minutes in the event that they fail to conform.

Officials mentioned the concepts at a meeting on Thursday and it’s understood the know-how can be confined to new arrivals, not anybody ordered to self-isolate within the UK. 

The present regime introduced on Friday within the UK means individuals arriving will nonetheless should isolate for 10 days even when they’ve had a damaging coronavirus take a look at inside 72 hours – or 5 if they’ve one other damaging end result throughout that interval. 

The ban might be backed by harder spot checks and can keep in place till a minimum of February 15 as ministers and scientists work out learn how to handle the menace posed by mutations of the virus. 

Boris Johnson, pictured with his son Wilfred on Sunday, has promised the first four priority groups will all have received the jab by the middle of February

Boris Johnson, pictured together with his son Wilfred on Sunday, has promised the primary four precedence teams will all have obtained the jab by the center of February

Yesterday it was revealed that 11 Britons have had one of many variants which have sprung up in Brazil – though it isn’t but clear how a lot of a menace it poses.

Travellers from South America, Portugal, a few of central America and South Africa are already barred from coming to the nation.

Earlier, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps defended the timing of the South America border ban amid complaints ministers have been ‘behind the curve’ responding to the specter of new Covid variants.

The ban additionally covers the Central American state of Panama and Portugal – resulting from its sturdy travel hyperlinks with Brazil – and the previous Portuguese colony of Cape Verde.

It applies to everybody who has been within the space over the previous 10 days – though UK and Irish nationals are exempt – and got here into pressure at 4am.

Scientists analysing the Brazilian variant imagine the mutations it shares with the brand new South African pressure are related to a speedy improve in instances in areas the place there have already been giant outbreaks of the illness.

British and Irish nationals and others with residence rights are exempted from the measures that had been backed by the Scottish and Welsh governments, although they have to self-isolate for 10 days together with their households on their return.

Mr Shapps described the ban as a ‘precautionary’ measure to make sure the vaccination programme rolling out throughout the UK was not disrupted by new variants of the virus.

Asked if the Brazilian pressure was at the moment within the nation, he advised BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘Not so far as we’re conscious, I believe, at this stage.

‘There have not been any flights that I can see from the final week from Brazil, for instance.’

Nearly 30,000 fined for flouting: Cops eject Sainsbury’s shopper for refusing to put on masks whereas officers discover four pals in crashed automotive after 50-mile journey magnificence spot… in newest rule-breachers snared in Covid crackdown

A girl filmed herself being kicked out of Sainsbury’s for refusing to put on a face overlaying or present proof of a medical exemption – as four individuals had been fined for driving 50 miles to ‘have a look at the snow’ earlier than crashing.

Footage filmed on the grocery store reveals the unnamed shopper arguing with two officers and claiming they may not ask her to indicate proof of her ‘incapacity’.

She requested them ‘are you docs?’ earlier than producing a sheet of paper printed at residence that she wrongly believed proved her level and saying ‘I’ll be taking you to court docket’.

The feminine officer replied ‘see you in court docket then’ as she and her colleague led the girl out into the automotive park.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, officers stopped four individuals from totally different households who travelled to a Peak District magnificence spot to benefit from the wintery scenes earlier than sliding off the highway in the course of the journey.

Derbyshire Constabulary mentioned the BMW driver lost management of the automotive and rolled on its facet close to Bamford, within the Peak District, Derbyshire after travelling from St Helens in Merseyside.

The pressure mentioned: ‘The four car occupants had been from totally different households. Is this important? No. All had been issued with Covid 19 tickets.’ No one was injured.

The most up-to-date figures confirmed cops in England have now handed out 28,744 fines for the reason that begin of lockdown in March, with 80% going to flouters aged between 18 and 39. 

In the video, a female officer (pictured) said 'see you in court then' as she and a colleague led her out into the car park

In the video, a feminine officer (pictured) mentioned ‘see you in court docket then’ as she and a colleague led her out into the automotive park

On Saturday, officers stopped four people from different households who travelled to a Peak District beauty spot to enjoy the wintery scenes before sliding off the road during the journey

On Saturday, officers stopped four individuals from totally different households who travelled to a Peak District magnificence spot to benefit from the wintery scenes earlier than sliding off the highway in the course of the journey

Lockdown legislation: Police CAN fantastic you or ask you to go away  

The self-proclaimed anti-masker within the Sainsbury’s video claimed police weren’t allowed to ask her ‘incapacity’ so couldn’t pressure her to go away. 

The gov.uk web site says police can take measures if members of the general public don’t adjust to the face overlaying legislation with no legitimate exemption’.

On the identical web page it additionally says – in response to the legislation – these with an age, well being or incapacity cause for not carrying a face overlaying don’t ‘routinely want to indicate any written proof of this’.

However, steerage on enforcement places an onus on individuals claiming a medical exemption to show this when challenged by police, which means that officers can ask them to go away or fantastic them in the event that they fail to take action. 

The footage from Sainsbury’s follows a clampdown which has seen supermarkets banning everybody with no face overlaying until they’ll present they’re medically exempt. 

Despite apparently not having proof of an exemption, the girl within the footage brandishes a bit of paper which she claims reveals she would not want to supply any. 

The feminine police officer replies that she would not must see one thing she has printed out at residence.

The officers then clarify the shop supervisor doesn’t wish to serve her, earlier than marching her out of the grocery store.

On the best way out, the girl says that she is being discriminated in opposition to, that the officers are liable of a fantastic of as much as £9,000, and that she might be taking them to court docket.

The feminine police officer merely replies that she seems ahead to seeing her there.

The girl then asks to document their badge numbers, which the officers calmly conform to, earlier than lastly strolling away.

Although there isn’t any authorized requirement for individuals to hold a badge to show they’re medically exempt, police are entitled to ask for proof and may ask somebody to go away or fantastic them if this is not supplied. 

The newest proof of lockdown flouting comes as a senior police officer criticised the federal government for its strategy to imposing lockdown guidelines, saying that ministers had been giving ‘damaging’ combined messages. 

Martin Hewitt, the pinnacle of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, mentioned working with authorities had been ‘fairly difficult’ and ‘at occasions tense and tough’.

Footage shows the unnamed shopper arguing with Kent Police officers (pictured) and claiming they could not ask her to show proof of her 'disability'

Footage reveals the unnamed shopper arguing with Kent Police officers (pictured) and claiming they may not ask her to indicate proof of her ‘incapacity’

Martin Hewitt, the head of the National Police Chiefs' Council, said working with government had been 'pretty challenging' and 'at times tense and difficult'

Martin Hewitt, the pinnacle of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, mentioned working with authorities had been ‘fairly difficult’ and ‘at occasions tense and tough’

In a speech to the London College of Policing in December, he mentioned: ‘We’ve pushed actually arduous, not at all times efficiently, to get constant messaging and administration of expectations out of presidency,’ he mentioned.

‘It’s been very damaging to our efforts the place you have received totally different authorities ministers saying various things, answering questions and giving a barely totally different notion.’

How ministers added to confusion over the lockdown guidelines   

May 10 (Sunday) – Number 10 says the lockdown is being eased however individuals won’t be allowed to satisfy multiple individual from outdoors their family outside. 

11 (Monday) –  Dominic Raab says individuals can meet their mother and father within the park, contradicting No10’s stance. 

Later that day – No10 reiterates that you could solely meet one individual outdoors. 

Nov 2 – Michael Gove tells constituents they are going to be allowed to play golf and tennis throughout lockdown. 

2 – He apologises and confirms he was fallacious.  

2 – Robert Jenrick says Gove was fallacious to say individuals may nonetheless play golf and tennis, however then himself wrongly suggests you may meet with your loved ones outdoors even when you don’t reside with them. 

Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Robert Jenrick have all been compelled to confess to getting the foundations fallacious in TV interviews. 

NPCC chief Martin Hewitt criticised the federal government in a speech he gave earlier than the third nationwide lockdown.

He referred to the ‘problem’ of imposing totally different guidelines as they always modified with the course of the pandemic. 

He mentioned the police had requested the federal government to make these modifications ‘as clear and unambiguous as they could possibly be’ however had generally delayed imposing new guidelines till that they had the precise steerage.

‘On some events, we didn’t begin policing a brand new regulation, till we had received the steerage out,’ he defined.

The police chief additionally spoke of the necessity for all enforcement to not be ‘lumped’ onto officers.

‘Local authorities have enforcement powers, licencing authorities have enforcement powers, the individuals who run retailers, pubs and eating places all have a accountability that the rules are adopted,’ he mentioned.

Mr Hewitt mentioned the connection between police and ministers had been ‘fairly difficult all through’.

In November, communities secretary Mr Jenrick wrongly advised households may go for walks outside, whereas Mr Gove incorrectly said that individuals may play golf and tennis.

Meanwhile, in September Mr Johnson admitted he ‘misspoke’ when explaining guidelines for the North East lockdown.

A Home Office spokesman mentioned: ‘We have a powerful relationship with the NPCC, and police chiefs across the nation, and have been in fixed contact with them all through.

‘We have labored at the side of them to make sure the steerage is obvious in a essentially fast-paced and sophisticated surroundings.’ 

MailOnline has contacted Kent Police for touch upon the Sainsbury’s video. It will not be clear when or the place the video was filmed. 

A student who embarked on a lockdown-breaching 150-mile journey 'for a change of scenery' had his car (pictured) seized after he stopped in the middle lane of the M62 when police pulled him over

A scholar who launched into a lockdown-breaching 150-mile journey ‘for a change of surroundings’ had his automotive (pictured) seized after he stopped within the center lane of the M62 when police pulled him over

Further latest examples of lockdown flouting embody a gender reveal celebration, a 100-mile journey to McDonald’s and an unlawful boozing session inside a shed. 

Police in Swansea had been referred to as to a gender reveal celebration in Townhill on Sunday which was attended by quite a lot of households.

On the identical day, police issued four fastened penalty notices to individuals at an deal with within the Mount Pleasant space of the town who had met to observe a soccer match.

On Saturday, eight individuals had been fined after they had been caught meeting at a shed transformed right into a bar. 

Meanwhile on Thursday, a person was fined £200 for travelling greater than 100 miles for a late evening McDonalds. 

The 34-year-old had beforehand obtained a warning from the police and was stopped on Estcourt Street in Devizes. 

Another scholar had his automotive seized after embarking on a lockdown-breaching 150-mile journey ‘for a change of surroundings’. 

The driver – who had solely a provisional licence – travelled from Preston, Lancashire, to Sheffield to select up a good friend earlier than the pair set off to Liverpool.

They had been noticed going 88mph within the third lane of the M62.

He slowed down when he seen a North West Motorway Police site visitors automotive behind him – however stayed within the third lane for two junctions.

The driver finally floor to a halt in the midst of the M62 – which the pressure mentioned ‘actually brought on a panic second’.

Once the automotive pulled into the arduous shoulder, police discovered it had two bald tyres – when the rubber of a tyre is so worn down it has little tread left.

The man – who has not been named – was reported for extra pace, thoughtless driving, having two bald tyres, driving in any other case than in accordance with a licence and for breaching Covid restrictions, the pressure mentioned.

Under the foundations of England’s third nation-wide lockdown, Britons are solely allowed to travel outdoors of their native space for important causes.

These embody travelling for work or for medical care.

Police additionally wrote the driving force up for having no insurance coverage, as any coverage he had would have been invalidated by his escapades, and his automotive was seized.

Matt Hancock is filmed out in London park after Boris Johnson’s nationwide plea to ‘keep residence this weekend’

By Jemma Carr and Jack Elsom for MailOnline

Matt Hancock was seen ‘coated in mud’ whereas carrying a rugby ball by way of a London park this afternoon the day after Boris Johnson pleaded with the nation to ‘keep at residence this weekend’. 

The Prime Minister yesterday launched a video calling on the general public to ‘suppose twice’ earlier than leaving the home as he moved to chill rising optimism amid a drop in each day infections and the vaccination of greater than 3.5million individuals.

He urged everybody to behave as if they’ve coronavirus, warning that asymptomatic ‘silent spreaders’ are unwittingly fuelling the disaster and the subsequent individual contaminated ‘could possibly be you’.

But his sobering clarion name did little to place off crowds who headed to busy parks – together with the Health Secretary who was filmed by a passerby casually strolling by way of Queen’s Park in North London whereas clutching a rugby ball.

In the clip, Mr Hancock, who will not be carrying a masks, smiles as a member of the general public who remarks at how ‘muddy’ he’s.  

The witness advised MailOnline: ‘I used to be there at about 3.30 this afternoon… Suddenly I noticed Matt Hancock, he was there taking part in rugby together with his son I believe. He walked proper as much as me and I noticed he was coated head to toe in mud.’ 

While rugby is a favorite of his boss, the Prime Minister, father-of-three Mr Hancock is as an alternative identified for his cricketing prowess and performs for the parliamentary facet. 

Lockdown guidelines state that individuals can go away their houses for train by themselves, with the individuals they reside with or with a legally-permitted assist bubble. Official steerage doesn’t rule out ball sports activities. 

Ministers are launching an promoting blitz to hammer residence the significance of sticking to lockdown guidelines whereas the largest vaccination drive in British historical past paves a path out of the pandemic.

In the clip, Mr Hancock - who is not wearing a mask - smiles as a member of the public in Queen's Park remarks at how 'muddy' he is

In the clip, Mr Hancock – who will not be carrying a masks – smiles as a member of the general public in Queen’s Park remarks at how ‘muddy’ he’s





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