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British psychic reveals how YOU can tap into your sixth sense

A psychic who claims he predicted Covid-19 and Donald Trump dropping the presidential election has revealed how anybody can tap into their sixth sense and see the longer term.

Nicolas Aujula, 35, from London, believes everybody can develop their psychic skills to stay a extra fulfilled life, however warns skepticism prevents some from trusting them.

‘We all have this pure instinct. It’s nearly fine-tuning it, and letting it flourish extra,’ the previous life regression therapist informed FEMAIL.

A psychic who claims he predicted Covid-19 and Donald Trump dropping the presidential election has revealed how anybody can tap into their sixth sense and see the longer term. Stock picture 

Nicolas, who has been sensing spirits and experiencing supernatural visions since he was a baby believes he has led previous lives as an Egyptian queen, African witch physician, Chinese seamstress, a lion and even an alien. 

His visions usually come to him via clairvoyance and desires. 

Most notably Nicolas stated he foresaw the Black Lives Matter motion and two years in the past had visions of an influenza outbreak and financial downturn affecting the world. 

Speaking solely to FEMAIL, Nicolas has shared his eight high recommendations on how you can develop and tune into your sixth sense.

1. Understand your sixth sense is a muscle you should flex 

Nicolas says worry places folks off exploring their psychic skills – including that you should realise your sixth sense is as pure as every other sense.

Nicolas (pictured) is a previous life regression therapist and astrologer 

‘It’s simply that we aren’t all absolutely in sync with them,’ the psychic explains. ‘Children for instance are extremely psychic as they can sense spirits that many individuals dismiss as imaginary buddies, however on account of give attention to logical improvement, they have a tendency to lose their connection.’

He goes on to spotlight the significance of affirming you are prepared and open to exploring your psychic skills in order that it builds belief in what you are seeing. 

‘The extra you flex your psychic muscle the stronger it would get, so trusting the data you see is a large key in permitting simpler accuracy,’ Nicolas provides. 

‘The extra you do it the higher you turn into!’

2. Meditate for 10-Quarter-hour a day to ‘awaken the intuitive aspect’ 

The previous life regression therapist and astrologer additionally advises that meditation will assist prepare the thoughts to be nonetheless.

‘That is crucial to quieten the logical aspect and awaken the intuitive aspect to move extra easily and rapidly,’ he says.

‘It can even elevate your energetic vibrations. You’ll start to really feel extra related to your Higher Self and the vitality of others. Being capable of attain you interior heart of calm will enhance your psychic connection.’

3. Try and predict what new locations appear like earlier than visiting 

Nicolas means that subsequent time you go to a spot you’ve by no means been – comparable to a brand new restaurant, somebody’s dwelling, vacation vacation spot – simply shut your eyes forward of the go to and declare that you simply wish to see this location in your thoughts. 

‘See your self like you might be there on this new place, start by sensing and seeing the larger image of the place you might be, after which give attention to smaller particulars, comparable to objects, colors and moods round you,’ he explains.

‘Make notes or draw on a bit of paper to later evaluate what you noticed compared with how the place really seems.’

The psychic urges you not to surrender as apply helps – and insists you may discover the data will turn into extra detailed over time. 

4. Practise tuning into folks’s ‘auric fields’ to really feel their vitality 

‘We are all vitality and after we work together with others we’re always feeling good and even dangerous vibes, which is our psychic senses selecting up their vitality,’ says Nicolas. 

‘When you meet folks in your every day life, attempt feeling their vitality by wanting past their bodily and tuning into their auric discipline.’

The astrologer goes on to encourage you to think about your self in your thoughts standing of their presence and says you must start asking your self a sequence of questions.

‘Ask how do you are feeling? What’s the present emotion they’re feeling? Ask your self why are they feeling this? And preserve increasing your nosy nature by asking inquiries to see what else surfaces,’ he says. 


1. Be open and belief

2. Meditate every day for 10-15 minutes

3. Try distant viewing workouts

4. Become conscious of individuals’s vitality

5. Practice psychometry

6. Make an emblem e-book

7. Practice studying household images

8. Keep a dream journal 

‘Be conscious of the ideas and feelings as these replicate the individual in query. When you are chatting with them, see which intuitive info you picked up was appropriate.’

5. Practise psychometry 

Nicolas additionally encourages folks to apply psychometry, which is studying the psychic vitality of an object. 

‘Hold an object like a watch, marriage ceremony ring, an vintage or one thing sentimental and shut your eyes to see what you can intuitively sense in regards to the proprietor of the thing,’ he explains. 

‘Pay consideration to any feelings and ideas that floor. Try specializing in understanding the historical past of the thing, the place it got here from and what it means to the proprietor.’

6. Make an emblem e-book 

The astrologer explains that psychic info can come via symbolic indicators and visions that we see in our thoughts, and say it is key to grasp what these pictures imply for you. 

‘Some symbols can be literal of their that means, while others could have extra delicate meanings,’ he explains. ‘Through expertise you’ll perceive what these imply for you.’

‘For instance, a hoop might symbolise marriage or union, a quick automobile might symbolise sudden motion or a state of affairs that can transfer in a short time. Also ask to be proven symbols for issues like life occasions and occupations.’

7. Practise ‘studying’ household images at dwelling 

According to Nicolas, you can study to tap into your interior psychic by taking a look at folks within the images after which closing your eyes. 

‘Begin to really feel their persona by asking what sort of individual they had been and noticing any feelings or behavioural traits,’ he says. ‘Expand your consciousness to give attention to vital life occasions that formed their life, ask to be proven their occupation and produce this individual to life in your thoughts.’

He goes on to instruct you to make notes, earlier than cross checking the data with somebody who is aware of the individual in query. 

8. Keep a dream journal 

Nicolas advises retaining a dream journal as a result of we can expertise prophetic desires that give us a glimpse of the longer term.

‘It permits you to preserve observe of your intuitive journey so that you simply can replicate and study from it,’ he explains.

‘When we sleep our logical shouldn’t be resisting, so our intuitive skills move with out questioning which can reveal visions of occasions to return. 

‘We can additionally fall asleep with the intention of seeing a future imaginative and prescient and see what comes up that night time.’


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