NYPD releases video of brutal beatdown, mugging in NYC

A bruiser beat up a 68-year-old after he fought again when the mugger tried to rob him in Brooklyn on Saturday, stunning video reveals.

A 17-second clip tweeted by the NYPD shows a person sporting all gray punching the sufferer about ten occasions, together with 4 blows and a stomp after the wounded man had been compelled to the bottom. The thief then robbed belongings from the listless man, manipulating his physique to seize gadgets out of his pocket, the harrowing footage reveals.

The sufferer was approached at 9:05 a.m. by a person using a Citi Bike on Pitkin Avenue and Barbey Street who patted the person’s pocket as he demanded property from him, police sources and the NYPD mentioned.

Cop sources mentioned that when the sufferer didn’t oblige, the thief repeatedly punched and kicked the sufferer in the senior’s face and physique, snatching a cellphone and a silver necklace.

The suspect grabs the man and starts beating him up.
The suspect grabs the person and begins beating him up.
The suspect seen hitting the man amid the assault.
The suspect seen hitting the person amid the assault.

The 68-year-old suffered a damaged wrist and nostril in the beatdown, the NYPD mentioned in a tweet.

The criminal fled west on Pitkin Avenue, in line with police sources.

A police union claimed the incident confirmed that current legal guidelines have given criminals free rein of streets in the 5 boroughs.

The suspect grabs something from the victim's pockets after the beatdown.
The suspect grabs one thing from the sufferer’s pockets after the beatdown.

“These are NYC streets! What used to be the safest big city sent back to the days of high crime due to failed laws that allow no consequences and embolden criminals,” tweeted the Detectives’ Endowment Association.

“Politicians in Albany and City Hall need to step up now to fix their mistakes and keep New Yorkers safe.”

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