Dozens of people gathered in Chicago to protest against the murder of Dejan Wright


The protesters proceeded with the city of Chicago during a peaceful protest on Tuesday April 13, 2021, Brooklyn Center, Minn. Police sought justice for a 20-year-old black man, Daniel Wright, who was shot and killed Sunday after a traffic stop. (AP) Photo / Shafqat Anwar)

CHICAGO (AP) – Dozens of people marched around the city of Chicago on Tuesday, during a traffic stop when a police officer shot a Minnesota man.

The protesters gave signs and chanted the name of the police being badly shot by Wright, George Floyd, Lacan McDonald, Bryo Taylor and others. The protesters also said that they wanted to raise awareness about what they said is accountable to the police.

Lamar Whitfield of the No More Foundation, organized in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, said, standing in solidarity, activists would be taken seriously by the authorities.

Police Officer Kim Potter of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, who shot Wright on Sunday, resigned on Tuesday, as did Police Chief Tim Gannon. Gannon states that he believes Potter accidentally grabbed his gun while he reached for his tusser. Wright was stopped for expired car registration.

As the protesters marched peacefully in Chicago, police and protesters were once again confronted after a nighttime shootout at the Brooklyn Center. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the city’s heavily guarded police headquarters, surrounded by concrete barriers and a metal fence, and where police and National Guard soldiers stood in riot gear.

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