Local organizations on mission for coats to help homeless veterans in need

CHICAGO — For the Canaryville Veterans Riders Association, their mission is to gather as many coats as potential for town’s homeless veteran inhabitants.

Marine veteran and organizer Tommy Russell mentioned the need simply retains getting higher with some veterans returning residence after serving.

“You start off in life of people telling you want to do grammar school teachers telling what to do high school teachers then you go to the service and they’re telling you what do,” Russell mentioned. “Then you come out and no one is telling you what to do. So sometimes, people just get lost and you never know with the demons or whatever else sometimes they bring them home with them.”

The following are drop off places for the coats, Monday by means of Friday — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • The Village – 4035 S. Wallace.
  • Mark White VFW Post – 3152 S. Wallace.
  • eleventh Ward Organization – 3659 S. Halsted.
  • ninth District police station – 3120 S. Halsted. — 24 hours a day.

Tony La Piana, the president of Guardian Corps of America, seeks out native homeless veterans along with his canine companion Sgt. Babe.

“We are a direct outreach organization,” La Piana mentioned. “We have boots on the ground, our members, we provide non-perishable food, clothing, sleeping gear.”

It’s estimated there are at the moment at the very least 2,200 homeless veterans in Cook County alone.

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