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‘He said the buck stopped with him in a speech full of finger pointing’: Jake Tapper slams Biden

Joe Biden’s handle to the nation was roundly criticized by US media, with CNN’s Jake Tapper declaring that the president said he took duty – after which blamed everybody else concerned.

On Fox News, commentator Ben Domenech said that it was a speech Biden might have given ‘six months in the past’, whereas journalist Brit Hume said Biden’s remarks ‘did nothing to clarify’ the chaos.

The president had been criticized for failing to deal with the nation sooner. Kabul fell to the Taliban on Sunday.

Tapper said that Biden was ‘pressured to talk to the nation after the calamity of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.’

Jake Tapper, CNN anchor, on Monday night criticized Joe Biden’s Afghanistan speech

Tapper was among the first to criticize Joe Biden's speech on Monday, in which he defended the withdrawal from Afghanistan - despite the desperate scenes

Tapper was amongst the first to criticize Joe Biden’s speech on Monday, in which he defended the withdrawal from Afghanistan – regardless of the determined scenes

Thousands of Afghans rushed to the airport in Kabul on Monday to try and board planes

Thousands of Afghans rushed to the airport in Kabul on Monday to attempt to board planes

He continued: ‘The president said that the buck stopped with him, however in truth the speech was full of finger pointing and blame, particularly for the Afghans – even saying that, whereas the US can be working to rescue these Americans and US allies who wanted to be saved, he claimed half of the cause why the US didn’t save sooner Afghan allies – the translators and others who work with the US navy, who concern being slaughtered by the Taliban – they did not act sooner, the president said, as a result of some Afghans did not wish to depart earlier as a result of they had been hopeful about a new Afghan authorities.

‘Mr Biden additionally said that the Afghan authorities discouraged the US from ordering a mass exodus for concern of triggering a disaster of confidence.’

Tapper said that Biden ‘centered on the bigger resolution to finish the US presence in Afghanistan,’ with out addressing the debacle of departure. 

‘Whether or not the US ought to proceed to be there he didn’t get in to, or settle for any blame for the catastrophic exit we have been watching on tv in the final a number of days,’ Tapper said.

Taliban soldiers are seen outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Monday

Taliban troopers are seen exterior Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Monday

Taliban fighters stand guard along the road in Kabul on Monday, with the city firmly in their control

Taliban fighters stand guard alongside the highway in Kabul on Monday, with the metropolis firmly in their management

On Fox News, commentators lined as much as criticize the speech. 

Anchor Will Cain described it as ‘a masterclass in double converse,’ echoing Tapper’s bafflement at Biden’s declare to take duty, and his blame of Trump, the Afghan forces, and President Ashraf Ghani, who fled at the weekend. 

Norman Roule, who served for 34 years in the Central Intelligence Agency, managing quite a few packages referring to Iran and the Middle East, said that Biden’s speech was a present to America’s adversaries.

‘Russia, China and Iran will inform their allies: we’ll stand with you, however the Americans will not,’ said Roule.

He said that there was actual concern that Afghanistan might develop into a terrorist haven. 

‘The job of US counter intelligence officers simply grew to become a lot, a lot tougher,’ he said.

Trish Regan, a former Fox Business host, said that Biden was ‘an empty swimsuit inflicting complete destruction,’ criticizing his refusal to take questions at the finish of his speech.

Steve Hilton, one other Fox host, said that Biden was ‘completely out of his depth’, whereas Charles Lister, a Syria commentator, said that the speech was ‘all about defending the withdrawal and blaming the catastrophe on Afghans.’ 

Brit Hume, a veteran Fox News commentator, said that the ‘little modest pressure, with the airpower that got here with it,’ had been in a position to maintain off the Taliban with success. 

‘The president comes alongside and blows the entire factor up as a result of he wished to get out,’ said Hume.

Hume said that Biden had ‘completely and utterly botched’ the withdrawal. 

And Ben Domench, writer of the Federalist, said that Biden might have given the speech six months in the past, accusing him of being indifferent from the chaos on the floor in the war-torn nation. 

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