18-year-old Kingwood golfer is also a trained pilot

“It’s such a conversation topic on the golf course everywhere,” Kaetlin Halseth mentioned. “Like, ‘I fly airplanes.’ No one believes you.”

HOUSTON — Just a few months in the past, Kaetlin Halseth was getting ready to play within the state golf event with Kingwood High School.

As is with most conversations, the longer they final, the extra you discover out about a individual. In Halseth’s case, what stood out is what her plans are for after highschool.

“I’m going to play golf and fly airplanes next year, so it’s going to be a really fun college experience,” she mentioned.

This 18-year-old is a trained pilot when she’s not on the hyperlinks.

“It’s such a conversation topic on the golf course everywhere,” Halseth mentioned. “Like, ‘I fly airplanes.’ No one believes you.”

Aviation is one thing this current graduate has at all times been acquainted with. Her mother is an air site visitors controller. Her father is a industrial pilot for Southwest Airlines.

“I guess what makes me nervous is I know what can go wrong,” mentioned Brian Halseth, her dad. “As a dad, with your little girl up there, it’s sometimes a lot.”

But Kaetlin Halseth is all in. Commanding a Piper Cherokee, the vary of feelings is half what attracts her to this.

“Scared, anxious, excited, really no way to describe it. It’s just something you have to experience,” Kaetlin Halseth mentioned.

A month of coaching with a industrial pilot, and he or she now pilots planes herself.

“It’s just so awesome being able to fly in the sky and know that I’m able to control this aircraft and fly all by myself,” she mentioned. “It’s such a freeing feeling. It’s amazing.”

“I was elated. I was so, so excited about this, and I knew she could do it,” Brian Halseth mentioned. “I would always support her no matter what she wants to do. I’m there for her.”

In truth, aspect by aspect, within the literal sense is the place this golfer turned pilot ultimately desires to be, too.

“My dream is to be a commercial airline pilot,” Kaetlin Halseth mentioned. “I think it would be so cool to be his first officer in the cockpit one day.”

“I’ve met some pilots at work that have had their kids in the cockpit, and that would be amazing,” her dad mentioned. “I would hang up my hat on my career, and I would be satisfied.”

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