At 89, ‘super senior’ tennis player is no match for status quo

Margaret Canby and Rose Austin are proof that age is only a quantity.

HOUSTON — Has the sport handed her? Not even shut. A greater question is can tennis sustain with Margaret Canby?

Canby is 89. She lives in San Antonio.

“And you are still fighting for equality?” KHOU 11 sports activities reporter Jason Bristol requested.

“Absolutely,” Canby stated. “You know, if, if they have something for the men, we’d like to have it for the women, too.”

It’s virtually at all times been Margaret’s strategy. She’s gained roughly 40 totally different tennis championships and is within the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame.

Canby is at present taking part in the National Senior Women’s Clay Court Championships on the Houston Racquet Club within the 85-89 division along with her doubles associate, Rose Austin, of Naples, Florida. Austin is virtually 87.

“We call it ‘old lady tennis,’” Canby stated with a smile. “The idea is to drive them as far back as you possibly can and the next shot has got to be a drop shot just over the net because we don’t run as well as we used to do.”

It’s nonetheless spectacular. The National Senior Women’s Clay Court Championships have been performed this weekend.

This story, although, is much less about forehand photographs and extra about this duo’s background.

Canby and Austin competed two years in the past on the International Tennis Federation’s Super Senior World Championships in Croatia.

“There is nothing like it,” Austin stated. “When we stood there, and they played the national anthem … the flag was up and it was fabulous.”

The journey would not have been attainable had Canby not insisted their age group be included.

“I called the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and I said, ‘You know, you’re false advertising because you’re saying tennis is a sport for life, which it is. (But) Where’s our (age) 85-and-up team?’ And so, so they voted and decided they would send a women’s team.”

Does shedding at their age nonetheless trouble them?

“Of course!” Austin said.” We want to win!”

The status quo is no match for an ace like Canby.

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