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Breast cancer in men on the rise, experts say

NEW YORK (WPIX) — While breast cancer is mostly discovered in girls, the illness doesn’t totally exclude men.

About one out of each 100 breast cancer instances in the United States is recognized in a male, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s estimated that there will likely be virtually 2,700 new male instances in this nation this year. That determine has elevated in latest years.

Oncologist Dr. Adriana Suarez-Ligon believes the variety of instances has elevated as a result of extra consideration is being given to male breast cancer and men have gotten extra acutely aware of self and physician examination.

Jim Keegan of Bergen County, New Jersey expressed “shock and disbelief” again in 2013 when his spouse felt a small lump beneath his pores and skin.  

“It was something hard and the size of a pea,” he informed WPIX.  “We went to our physician and he too didn’t like what he felt and said we should have a mammogram.”  

A biopsy confirmed Keegan had breast cancer. He had a mastectomy and eight years later, he stays in remission.

The most typical sorts of breast cancer in men are the similar varieties in girls: Invasive ductal carcinoma, in which the cancer cells start in the ducts after which develop exterior the ducts into different components of the breast tissue. According to, this sort makes up about 80% of all breast cancers.

Other sorts embrace invasive lobular carcinoma, which happens when cancer cells start in the lobules after which unfold from the lobules to the breast tissues which can be shut by. Additionally, ductal carcinoma (DCIS) is a breast illness that will result in invasive breast cancer.

Dr. Robert Bard, a Manhattan radiologist, makes use of superior 3D ultrasound know-how for early detection of breast and different types of cancer. 

He says his process is extra environment friendly than a mammogram, which he says “requires squeezing the breasts in between plates for two pictures on each side.”

“With my machine, I put this probe directly over the lump and see the picture immediately,” he mentioned.

In the previous few years, Bard has used his process to detect breast cancer in a lot of men, together with just a few 9/11 first responders.  

Suarez-Ligon says she’s not shocked since “exposure to toxins and extra chemicals can be an extreme risk factor for breast cancer.”

Research continues to find out different danger components equivalent to genetics, weight loss program and life-style and the affect they might have on the growth of breast cancer. Suarez-Ligon mentioned physique consciousness is vital. 

“If you notice that there is a growth in one side of your chest versus the other, and it’s firm under the nipple, have it checked by a doctor,” she advises men.

Additionally, she mentioned to search for pores and skin modifications or nipple discharges which can be irregular.

Keegan means that men “ask a physician to examine your breast at your annual physical and if something is there take action right away.”

Oncologists observe that early detection is the key to survival. Because the probabilities of a person getting breast cancer are so uncommon, most men neglect to look at themselves or ask a health care provider to take action. 

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