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Hiker recounts rescue from mountain in Pahrump

Two hikers didn’t anticipate to spend the evening on Shadow Mountain on the far west fringe of Pahrump or to be lifted to security by helicopter.

But the day hike that had began out uneventfully Sunday afternoon became an ordeal for Nic Couturr and Sebastian Fronk when the path the Pahrump 18-year-olds had been mountaineering collapsed behind them 4 hours later.

The pair endured an evening of temperatures that fell into the 20s and had restricted meals provide after they had been caught on the mountain Sunday evening.

“We were overjoyed when we spotted the helicopter because we were exhausted, hungry and tired at that moment,” Couturr mentioned this week. “We were weak and all we wanted was just to get down, get home and eat something.”

Nye County Search and Rescue crews together with a Metropolitan Police Department helicopter managed to find each Couturr and Fronk on Monday with Metro utilizing a helicopter for the rescue. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office mentioned it had made two unsuccessful makes an attempt to rescue the hikers by utilizing two totally different trails the earlier evening. Neither hiker was injured.

“I really do appreciate (Nye County) Search and Rescue and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department helicopter for getting us down, because without them, we would probably be still stuck up there,” Couturr mentioned.

How the occasions unfolded

The path to the rescue started with Search and Rescue groups being dispatched on Sunday to find the stranded hikers, after it was reported that the path they had been strolling alongside had by some means collapsed beneath them, successfully trapping the hikers, in response to the Sheriff’s Office.

Couturr mentioned he had skilled mountaineering with pals in the previous however had only recently gotten again on the path.

He mentioned he and Fronk met up on the base of the mountain and began mountaineering up at roughly midday on Sunday.

“It took us about four hours to get where we were,” Couturr mentioned. “While we were going up the right side of the mountain, we were trying to make our way to the left, so we could get to a cave. While we were going, and all of a sudden, all of the rocks started falling behind us. We were freaked out because we were stuck where we were.”

Couturr mentioned Fronk “ended up climbing on top of the different areas, and climbing back down to me, because we were trying to find a better way to the cave. I was pretty nervous at the time, but I can’t say I was too scared because I didn’t know that we were stuck until later on. We were looking for a different way around but we couldn’t find one.”

Fortunately, Couturr found he had cellphone service in the world the place they had been stranded.

“The first person I called was my mom and asked her what I should do,” he mentioned. “She then called my father and they ended up coming off of work and calling Nye County Search and Rescue because I was trying to save the battery in my phone as much as I could. I did let my mom know that we were going hiking, because it’s always good to let somebody know where you are in case you can’t contact anyone.”

The pair had some gear for the evening, however their provides had been low as they waited to be rescued and endured the frigid temperatures.

“We were properly dressed, wearing pants and thin hoodies, and we planned on going down later in the day, but things didn’t work out so well, and it was pretty cold up there,” he mentioned.

The two began a hearth to maintain heat and took refuge in a small cave, Couturr mentioned.

“When we had the fire going, we ended up throwing rocks in there, so when the fire finally went out, we had some heating to keep us going,” he mentioned. “We didn’t have anything to eat; plus, we ran out of water when the trail failed.”

Scramble to security

Though skilled hikers advise that hikers, when misplaced, ought to keep put till assist arrives, Couturr mentioned he was assured about persevering with to hunt out a traversable path.

“It’s probably smarter in certain situations (to stay put), but where we were at first, rocks started falling on our heads because we were on the ledge of a cliff and there was an overhang above us,” he mentioned. “We thought it was going to collapse, so we decided to shimmy underneath through little cracks in the wall just to get to the other side so we didn’t have a cliff hanging over our heads. It was a bad situation and we think the recent earthquakes caused the rocks to loosen up.”

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