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Local people happy to remove COVID ban

Many area residents say they are excited by the announcement Tuesday by Steve Sisolak, who chalked out plans to reopen the state to 100 percent capacity and end the social distance mandate.

“Fantastic!” Said Steven Bland, 51.

Bland, a real estate broker who went to Las Vegas in 1998 to join Syrac as an acrobat, said 95 percent of people know they are unemployed.

“I am convinced that most of us want to work,” he said.

Bland said he was impressed by how much the state had opened up the vaccine’s eligibility to anyone over the age of 16. The state’s Department of Health and Human Services reported this week that 973,404 vaccinations were initiated and 617,199 were completed between the state’s 2.47 million Nevada 16 and older. According to the US Census Bureau.

“If you’ve ever experienced organizing schoolchildren, it’s almost impossible,” he said reminding him of his days as a physical education teacher in Australia. “Adults are much worse.”

Sisolak said that by June 1, social distancing mandates will arise on May 1, with a target of 100 percent capacity across all businesses. The public will be required to wear masks for an indefinite period of time, however, and counties will not be required. The right to override, Sisolak said during Tuesday’s press conference in Carson City.

Sisolak cited the stabilization of most COVID-19 figures as a reason for the more aggressive approach to vaccination combined with Nevada’s steady increase in numbers, which he said would kick-start the state’s economy Will help Sisolak said that 40 percent of Nevadaans 16 years and older have started the vaccine process.

39-year-old Ellie Dolan will get her second dose this week, and she wonders who still wants the vaccine but hasn’t gotten a shot.

“I don’t know who hasn’t got vaccinated,” she said. “If everyone has a chance, there is no reason not to open up a month or two after everyone’s eligible.”

Dolan laughed at the idea of ​​opening businesses to full capacity because of the strip, which he said seems to have been packed for several months now.

40-year-old Aaron Almroth, sitting with Dolan, has been vaccinated for a month.

“When we knew that we were a little more careful when we got vaccinated and ended, and we could be without getting COVID,” he said.

Julienne Cabero chose not to work as a nurse during the epidemic because she was pregnant, but now that she and her husband are vaccinated, they are ready to reopen the kingdom.

“The adults are up for it,” said Eddy Cabero, but our children have not yet been vaccinated, as the couple’s 3-year-old and 8-month-old children.

Julienne Cabero said that she no longer even looks at her mask.

“It’s a small step to protect others,” he said,

Jill Wolfson, 59, jokingly said it would be too hot to spend another summer with a mask, but said she would do so to see a show again.

“I’m excited for amateurs,” he said after walking around the district at Green Valley Ranch. “I’m ready to go back to a show.”

Wolfson said she knew people who have not been out for a year for fear of ending up in a large group.

83-year-old Myrna Kaufman said that the vaccination made her feel safe.

“Masks are a good idea,” he said. “I see people outside and half of them are wearing it and half of them are not.”

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