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Scammers targeting DMV appointment seekers

Scammers are targeting Nevada residents who are looking for land for a tough appointment with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

According to DMV director Julie Butler, the latest scam is of advertising appointments for sale on Craigslist and FaceBook Market.

“Appointment scams are not a major problem in Nevada, but we don’t want to take advantage of anyone,” Butler said. “We check every customer at the door to make sure they are the same person who has booked the appointment.”

With the months-long backlog closed to the DMV last year and the DMV operating at a reduced capacity since the reopening last summer, appointments are usually booked three months in advance.

The DMV said a confirmed victim attempted to use the purchased appointment at the North Decatur DMV office on Tuesday and was later released.

If the name on appointment does not match the name on the identity presented, time will not be honored.

Residents may make valid appointments for DMV offices in the Las Vegas Valley on a departmental basis only on the website The department does not charge for scheduling appointments.

DMV appointments are also not transferable between family members and friends. Customers who are unable to make an appointment on their appointed time are asked to cancel it on the DMV website.

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